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What Can Bolt Cutters Cut Through

The main purpose of bolt cutters is glaringly obvious, but we don't want you to miss out on their other applications or uses. What...

4 Best Bolt Cutters for Hardened Steel You Should Check Out

Bolt cutters are essential whether you're a contractor or a homeowner. They can cut chains, bolts, padlocks, and wire mesh. A reliable heavy duty bolt...

How to Adjust Bolt Cutters

Not sure how to adjust bolt cutters? You've come to the right place for we're about to explain the method from start to finish. First...

How to Sharpen Bolt Cutters

Bolt cutters are great tools for cutting light to medium gauge chains, fencing, and other heavy metals. Because they are so reliable, anyone who...

How to Cut a Padlock with Bolt Cutters

What if you lost your key and a padlock stands in the way? If you could get your hands on a bolt cutter, the padlock...

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