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The Best Pressure Canner for the Money: Our Top Picks

Looking for a foolproof way to preserve food at home? Luckily for you, there's a generous selection of affordable canning devices out there. Don't...

Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker: 4 Products to Complete Your Kitchen

Shopping for a new stovetop pressure cooker can be confusing. With a number of products in the market, how do you choose? We’re here to...

How Long Do You Cook Pasta in a Pressure Cooker

If you haven't cooked pasta in a pressure cooker before, then you've come to the right place. Your priority should always be the duration. A...

Can A Regular Pressure Cooker Be Used for Canning

If you take a close look at your pressure cooker, you'll find that it has most gadgets or parts you'd need for canning. It...

Can You Use A Rice Cooker As A Pressure Cooker

Kitchen appliances aren't cheap and that's probably why you're looking for other ways to use the existing ones you have at home. With that,...

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