Does Tanning Lotion Help You Tan Faster


Having sunkissed skin can boost your confidence. However, not everybody has the time to spend a glorious day at the beach. If you want to have bronzed skin ASAP, does tanning lotion help you tan faster?

Good news – it does!

However, you can’t just use any kind of tanning lotion. It turns out that there are different variations out there with different effects. Examples include self-tanning bronzers and tingle lotions.

According to Bronze Tan St. Louis, indoor tanning lotion is what you need for a faster tan. But, since you need higher amounts of moisture, you should be more specific with your purchase. Choose accelerator and maximizer lotions.

What makes accelerator and maximizer lotions ideal for instant tanning? Well, they simply enhance the effect of UV light. It’s not rocket science.

As a plus, accelerator and maximizer lotions can keep your skin safe from burns. They also have a long-lasting effect. In particular, they will continue to develop your color after the session.

Despite knowing the best type of lotion for speedier tanning, you still have to check the ingredients to ensure positive effects. Here are some popular components with their corresponding benefits:

  • Silicon = conditioning
  • Hemp seed oil = skin protection
  • Caffeine = more youthful look
  • Beta-carotene or vitamin A = more vivid color
  • Vitamin E = firmer skin
  • Shimmer = glowing skin

In Conclusion

Does tanning lotion help you tan faster?

A tanning lotion can indeed speed things up. Just remember to go for the accelerator and maximizer type.

Now, when it comes to other variations, should you put lotion on before a spray tan? You should be aware of this to avoid mistakes.

If you’re going to do the natural way which is staying under the sun, you might get sunburn. Find out if SPF 15 is enough to prevent it. In case of an actual sunburn, should you put lotion on it?