How to Get Tanning Lotion Off Hands


Applying lotion all over your hands is a normal thing- unless it’s a tanning lotion. You don’t want to deal with bronzed palms for days. Luckily for you, we’ve discovered a surprising yet practical way on how to get tanning lotion off hands.

According to the unique life hack from Beneath My Heart, using toothpaste is enough to remove the pigment from your hands. However, you need to use a simple white toothpaste with baking soda. Gel toothpaste just won’t do.

The technique is basic. Just use the toothpaste as if it’s hand soap. After coating your hands with toothpaste, simply rinse them with clean water.

Wash with the toothpaste again if there are still stains.

This life hack isn’t only great for cleaning your hands after tanning. It can actually be done during the session itself.

To avoid uneven bronzing, you may wash your hands with toothpaste everytime you focus on another part of your body. For instance, after applying tanning lotion on your legs, clean your hands with toothpaste. Then, start fresh with your arms.

Not doing that trick might result in multiple layers of lotion in some areas while others aren’t really pigmented. You’ll have apparent light and dark spots around your body.

In Conclusion

Who would’ve thought that the answer on how to get tanning lotion off hands is just toothpaste and baking soda?

Just apply the toothpaste like soap and rinse your hands thoroughly. However, some tanning lotions may not work with toothpaste. So, keep on trying different alternatives until you find the right one for the product you’re using.

Despite the benefits of lotions for tanned skin, should you put it before a spray tan?