TECHNI MOBILI Ventura Mobile Laptop Stand in Mahogany Review



Having being proved all over the world it is not new that standing or changing postures will give you a healthier life style. Prolonged sitting can produce not only delirious postural changes but also worse health prognosis and make you susceptible to heart diseases, diabetes etc. hence many companies have made several designs of standing desks that allow you to work on it either when you are sitting or standing and hence helping you to straighten your spine and prevent you developing back pain.

The new Techni Mobili standing desk has also proved itself to be not just useful but also popular among the masses. It has been rated 3.9 stars out of 5 by online customers.

Features and Specifications

The standing desk has four wheels that help you to carry the cart wherever you want. You can take it to your room or your dorms or your office the move ability option allows you to take it from place to place. So now you can complete your work on your laptop while easily monitoring your baby or working in your kid or doing anything else. The wheels allow you to take it from place to place with your laptop instead of carry your gadget around.

  • Slanted Plank

    The design of the standing desk has been made in a specific manner that allows you maximum work ability and efficiency. It is ergonomically designed. The slanted plank is advised for better typing on your laptop. It is suggested by ergonomic experts that your typing capacity should be at depressed angle as it causes less strain on your elbows and wrists and allows you to have a better typing experience.

  • Overall Design

    The standing desk is made up of a plank that is of MDC that offers great resilience. It is placed at a slighted tilted angle and has a rubber ending that prevents the laptop from falling over. There is a side plank on which you can place additional products be it your writing pad or your coffee mug.

    The exoskeleton is made up of steel that gives it the sturdy feel and ends with four wheels that allows mobility. No matter how sturdy and resilient it is, it’s not that of a strong desk to hold your entire working station in place and hence if you are the one who works on a personal computer than just a laptop then this standing laptop is not suitable for you.

  • Side Plank

    This idea of investing in the side plank gives you a greater working space on which you can keep extra papers or any other hardware of your choice. Although you will have to make sure that you do not place more weight than what has been asked or else you can cause loss and collapse.

  • Height Adjustability

    The laptop stand can take the height up to 30 inches in total so you can easily use it either for sitting or standing purposes. The idea is that when you utilize this product all you need to do is to re adjust the knobs on it and you will get the laptop stand either to lower its height or increase it.

    According to some customers however, if you are really tall then this product foes not elevates that much causing you to bend over. This slightly kills the idea of standing desk as standing desk are supposed to straighten the pine but if you are bending forwards then you are causing more loss than gain.

  • Large Capacity

    The main plank has extra capacity that allows you to keep your belongings easily on it. The plank measures 16 inches in length and 30 inches in width. This large dimension allows you to keep your laptop no matter how large it is on it easily without worrying it causing much strain on it. However, it is advised not to over go with gadgets on it as it becomes wobbly.


  • Large design
  • Slanted plank
  • Side plank
  • Steel skeleton
  • Mobile
  • Height adjustability
  • Cheap


  • Wobbly
  • Not long enough
  • No storage capacity

Who Should Buy

If you are looking forwards to buying a standing deck and join the new revolution then you can invest on this one. It is cheap and meets all the basic needs for a standing desk. It is however not the best one in the market today and if you are searching for something that is resilient and takes the weight of your entire working station as opposed to your laptop only then there are many others depending on the money range you have.


Sturdy, good looking, relatively cheap, large enough, height adjustable, this standing desk is perfect for you if you are intrigued by the idea of standing desk and you want to try it but without causing a dent in your pocket. Of course when you will start loving it then you will be more comfortable and ready to invest in to something that is a little more expensive and offers you better features, but rest assured this is great for starters experience.