Does Teeth Whitening Hurt


One reason why a lot of people are scared to have their teeth maintained or treated is the idea of excruciating pain. Since you seem to have plans for getting whiter teeth, you’re curious if you’d also experience pain from it. Let’s find out – does teeth whitening hurt?

It turns out that different types of teeth whitening methods have different effects. The good news is that not all of them are painful.

The two most common types of teeth whitening treatment are laser and the over-the-counter kit for home use. Which one of them is actually painful?

At-home teeth whitening is less painful.

Nowadays, this method is very popular because the sensation is more tolerable. However, the whitening agent used for this needs more time to get active. Meanwhile, kits without hydrogen peroxide can only remove stains around the surface.

Laser teeth whitening can trigger sensitivity.

Sensitive teeth can give you intense pain. However, if it is only triggered by laser treatment, it will only last for a while.

On the other hand, if you really have sensitive teeth way before the laser treatment, a good dentist would use a whitening gel with a lower concentration. He would also apply a desensitizing substance before the process. That’s why you have to choose your dentist carefully.

In Conclusion

Does teeth whitening hurt?

It really depends on the method. If you’re going to use an over-the-counter kit, it will be less painful. Meanwhile, laser treatment is more effective, but it could make your teeth extremely sensitive for a while.