How to Tell If Frozen Breast Milk Is Bad


Are you sure your milk is still safe to give to your baby?

One of the challenges of storing breast milk is monitoring spoilage. After all, with all the effort you are investing in making sure your baby only drinks breastmilk, the last thing you want to happen is to give your little one spoiled milk. Worry no more for we’re about to teach you how to tell if frozen breast milk is bad.

It is so easy to determine expired breast milk. Just use your sense of smell!

According to Heather Kelly, an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC), bad breast milk smells just like any other spoiled milk. There are other options you can do to really make sure that your milk has gone bad.

Check these out:

Shake the container

Spoiled breast milk has a bad consistency.

However, even if you’d see chunks or layers after thawing the milk, you still have to think twice before throwing it away. It turns out that the appearance can still go back to normal after shaking the freezer storage bag or baby bottle.

In fact, it is completely natural for breast milk to eventually have layers after extracting it with a pump since it really separates. To be more specific, fat becomes the first layer while water moves to the bottom.

But, if nothing changes after shaking the container, it is best to discard your breast milk.

Observe your baby

Amazingly, babies can detect spoiled breast milk instantly. They can actually smell and taste it as soon as the bottle’s nipple touches their mouth. Expired breast milk is more sour than a fresh one.

If you notice your baby pushing the baby bottle out of his mouth, then there’s a high probability that you’re giving him spoiled milk.


The best method on how to tell if frozen breast milk is bad involves using your sense of smell. As expected, spoiled breast milk smells just like any other expired milk. When it comes to taste, it gets really sour which is off-putting for babies.