How Long Does Temporary Hair Straightening Last


When we think about normal hair straightening, flat irons instantly come to mind. After all, that’s the best option available if you don’t want chemicals on your scalp. However, how long does temporary hair straightening last?

Temporary hair straightening can only last for a couple of days.

Even though you don’t wash your hair for a while, the heat from your flat iron can only keep your strands straight for two days at most. There are a few factors related to that extremely short duration.

  • Type of Hair

    Hair type is an obvious factor that can affect the flat iron’s effects. Obviously, you can’t expect curly hair to hold straighter strands for a long time.

    Meanwhile, fine hair can stay straight for days. That’s the advantage of less volume.

    Wavy hair can also remain straight, too. However, you should use the right tools and techniques.

  • Quality of Your Flat Iron

    Speaking of tools, low-quality hair straighteners will never transform thick hair – especially the curly type. These tools don’t have the right materials to distribute heat effectively.

    However, with flat irons that use a tourmaline or ceramic technology, your hair is in good hands.

  • Lifestyle

    If you’re a gym rat, you’d have a harder time straightening your hair with temporary methods. Tying your hair up will obviously change your strands’ straighter form.

    It doesn’t even matter if you’d let your hair down because sweat contributes to frizz.

Fortunately, there are hair products that can help you retain straighter strands.

Healthy hair can hold any kind of style longer, in general. So, buy a high-quality conditioner. Hair serum can also work, especially if it targets frizz and breakage.

Some hair protectant sprays can even keep your strands straight for days. And the best part? They can definitely protect your hair from the side effects of flat irons.

In Conclusion

How long does temporary hair straightening last?

Normally, straightening your hair with a flat iron and other similar tools can only last up to two days. Your hair type, flat iron, and lifestyle can either make or break the effects of temporary straighteners.