What is the Best iPhone


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard of Apple’s big release of the newest iPhone, the iPhone X. If you’re one of those who like updating their iPhones per each new version, you’ve probably gotten one already. But the question stands. What is the best iPhone? Just because it’s the newest, does it mean it’s also the best?

You’ll be surprised to know that many tech experts actually consider an older iPhone model the best iPhone ever. What that is, we’ll find out later. You might already own it and after looking at our in-depth analysis, you might make the decision that maybe you don’t need a new phone after all.

I guess it’s best to start comparing features and starting with the newest ones. This year, Apple released two versions almost simultaneously. The iPhone 8 and iPhone X, the latter is pronounced as iPhone “10” instead of the letter “x”. iPhone 8 also comes in a Plus version just like the 6 and the 7.

Newest iPhone Models

Let’s take a look at these brand-new models, iPhone X and iPhone 8 to see if the latest one really is the best iPhone.

  • iPhone X

    So, the exciting new model. The iPhone X, again, pronounced ten (10). If you’ve been on social media and have seen the ads, you probably know that it’s most exciting feature is the face unlock. The screen will automatically unlock once it detects your face. Then, there is also the “animoji” where you can create animal emoji’s of yourself and send them to your friends. But let’s take a closer look at its pros and cons.

    The first thing that really gives this iPhone an edge and why it is considered by many as the best iPhone is its cutting-edge technology. If this is what matters most to you, then the iPhone X may be your best and only choice. It’s the only model that offers facial recognition and an edge-to-edge OLED screen.

    The iPhone X is also the biggest. It has the largest screen at 5.8 inches which makes it ideal for gaming and multimedia. The images are detailed and vibrantly colorful. The camera is also improved.

    Another exciting feature is the wireless charging. All you have to do is rest it on a charging mat. No need for cords. Plus, it has all the perks of an Apple device like the Apple Pay and it has the fastest processor chip.

    On the downside, the iPhone X comes at a really expensive tag price. Starting at $999, you really need to think about your priorities if you don’t have that kind of money lying around as extra budget.

    The lack of a headphone jack may also be problematic for some. So, with those two considerations in mind, the iPhone X may not really be the best iPhone for everybody.

  • iPhone 8

    So, we’ll look at both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Basically, the Plus is just bigger. The iPhone 8 is really close to the X, except that it doesn’t have the Face ID or facial recognition feature. It has the same powerful chip and it features wireless charging.

    The great thing about the 8 and 8 Plus is that they still have the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and this is a feature that some Apple fans prefer more than the facial recognition. Instead of entering your password, all you have to do is touch your thumb on the touch button which is also the home button.

    Another advantage of the 8 and 8 Plus is that they are significantly less expensive than the X. The introductory 64GB model is $200 less than the iPhone X.

    What you wouldn’t have with your iPhone X is the OLED screen but it still has an amazing retina display. The screen is not edge-to-edge and does not support HDR. So far, the best value when looking at the 3 models is the iPhone 8. You get all the necessary upgrades, just without the fancy stuff.

Going Back to the iPhone SE

Now, here’s the deal. A lot of tech enthusiasts and Apple users are saying that the iPhone SE which came out years ago is actually the best iPhone ever. It comes at a great value, it has a headphone jack and comes with all the necessary advanced features of a smartphone. It still lets you use Siri and allows you to set up a WiFi hotspot.

Let’s take some time to take a closer look at its advantages.

  • Affordability

    If you can afford to pay the mountainous price tag of the iPhone X, no one should stop you from getting it. It will definitely last longer and has a better performance than the rest. But when it comes to value and affordability, the iPhone SE or sometimes even the 5S is the best iPhone because you still get all the important stuff at a great discount.

  • Size

    The size of the SE and 5S is also what makes them the most attractive for some. They are small and can fit in your pocket, and they’re very lightweight. It’s nice to hold in your hand and it’s pretty convenient to text.

So far, those are the two main factors that people look at when they say that the iPhone SE or 5S is the best iPhone.

Choosing the Best iPhone for You

The most important thing to remember when making your decision whether to buy the newest model or choose the one that has the best value is to think about the features that you need and want the most. What do you consider to be the most important?

If you’re big on memory, battery life, and performance, surely the newest iPhone X really has the biggest edge. But if you can settle for a decent enough amount of storage space, an acceptable battery life, and a reliable performance, the SE can prove to be the best iPhone.

But, like kids, we consider iPhones our toys nowadays and just like most kids, we do want to have the hottest gadget in town.

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