The Executive Stand Steady Standing Desk Review



The stand desk has been founded in 2012 with one aim in mind, to introduce a healthy system of working. With new and innovative designs stand steady desk has been the pioneer of the first standing desk in the market and they continue to be the world leaders for it as well. Due to excessive sitting for their usual 9 to 5 jobs workers at many places have developed of what the researchers refer to as the “sitting disease”.

This accounts for the fact that no matter how active you are but if you spend most of your day sitting in a chair then this means that you are qualifying the cut to be diagnosed with the disease.

There are many consequences of sitting all day. You can develop heart diseases, diabetes, lowered metabolism, low back pain, and weight gain among many others. So what is the cure for this disease, simply to stand.

It has been universally advised by doctors worldwide that you should stand up after every 20 or 30 minutes and take a refresher break. This will not only straighten your spine but also give the needed oxygen to your brain allowing it to work even more efficiently.

Features and Specifications

The desktop tray is large enough to handle a lot of your stuff on it. It measures 32 inches in length and 22 inches in breadth. This makes it one of the largest and sufficient desktop trays of standing desks in the market. You can keep your scanner, printer, files, two monitors anything you want on it and it will work just as fine.

The design is not flimsy but sturdy and strong and hence if you place all these materials over it will not break down. So you a without any worry place any of your hardware of your choice and enjoy a good standing working experience. Of course if you are carrying a laptop then sitting on your chair and then standing up and placing it on the standing desk can be easy and fluid for you but if you have complete personal computers then moving your monitors and other hardware from sitting to standing position can be difficult.

The only flaw of this product would be that it doesn’t contains adjustable system of working, but other than that it is perfect to keep all of your computer tools on it.

  • Height Adjustable

    The four pegs or legs of the plank are made up of aluminum that have adjustable knobs through which you can elevate it according to your height. Unlike other standing desks that are made up of a specific height this one comes with options. So you can elevate it either by 11.25 inches to 15.25 inches. It is up to your choice.

    Further increasing your working capacity as well as encouraging you to work while standing.Many people find the idea of standing all day or even for some part of the day straining but it is actually not. While keeping your knees flexed for long, as in sitting position, actually does cause more muscle and joint strain than standing does.

    And hence to encourage and motivate the customers this height adjustable allows you to work efficiently standing without compromising on your comfort level.

  • Area Underneath

    While the standing desk is already of 32 x 24 inches in its area above it leaves a large amount of area below it and you can use it as a great storage capacity. You can keep your files; your printers, scanners or anything that you find is messing and congesting up your working cubicle.

    Through this way not only you get more space on your working capacity to move around but also for storage purposes. And when everything is in its place and nothing is messing around, your brain is able to work even more efficiently than before.


  • Large area of 32 x 24
  • Large 4.5 sq ft area underneath
  • Height adjustable
  • Healthy standing desk
  • Good looking design

Sturdy resilient skeleton


  • Steady desk
  • Expensive

Who Should Buy

If you are one of those who s experiencing back pain or excessive weight gain especially around your hip area then you need to spend more of your time in a day standing rather than sitting. Through this way you will not only help ease the strain and stress n your body and its metabolism but also cultivate a healthy way of lifestyle.

If you own a large desktop and you want a standing desk that allows you to work freely and comfortably as you would work while sitting then you should buy this one.


Keeping this in mind, a healthier working environment will provide a healthier working mind; you should start practicing healthy habits while working. One of them is standing in intervals. For this standing desks are a must and hence you should get one for your working capacity and this one will easily hold all of your desktop contents in one place.