The First Year Electric Breast Pump Review



First Year Breastflow miPump Double Electric Breast Pump is an easy to use, simple, convenient and affordable breast pump. It saves money without compromising on quality and comfort. The product is easy to assemble and user friendly. It allows you to double pump using one hand providing a hand free pumping experience and double the time during double pumping, a feature fit for busy and multitasking mothers who have babies to feed and homes to support.

Features and Specifications

Efficient, quick, quiet and simple, these are the features taken into consideration when First Year miPump is manufactured. It allows user to do multitasking while breast pumping with the help of the handle. You can achieve optimum fit and can vary the speed of suction with the help of different levels of suction pressure. You can also take it around as it has a traveling bag. It can be operated by either electricity or batteries.

  • Portable

    The pump is lightweight and portable. Users get amazed with its small size. It can even fit in one’s palm but regardless of its size, the pump is designed to be quick and efficient. It makes it extremely easy to move around. The blue and brown tote bag helps in carrying it around where you want to.

    The bag apart from being easy to carry, also has an elegant look. It won’t even look that you’re carrying a breast pump in it. It includes a handle that permits multitasking while pumping. The pump is equipped with a dual power supply. Users can pump through battery power supply as well as electricity. Traveling is made easier if you have batteries around, giving you ease to pump without searching for an electric socket.

  • Easy and Comfortable

    The soft flexi fit shield, a unique feature, fits warmly with your breasts providing maximum comfort to the users. An extra feature over other highly priced breast pumps is its simple and easy cleaning attribute. It’s only requires to wash with hand. The breast shields in two sizes increases the comfort as you can use whatever size suits you.

  • Convenient

    The pump is designed specifically to fit the breastflow bottles allowing the user to pump in the bottle and feed conveniently by putting a nipple. This feature prevents bacteria and dirt to come in contact with the milk. The handle allows you to connect to both sides and pump from both sides while holding it with just one hand. The sturdiness and power of pump is no less when compared with other highly priced breast pumps. The pump is also provided with 8 suction pressure levels permitting the user’s comfort and efficiency.

    It is also equipped with LED display which is easily readable. It is relatively quiet in comparison with other pumps and the suction pressure and the motor strength are to be applauded. To make things even better, the pump comes with a tote bag for traveling. This bag is a stylish way to carry the pump unnoticeable.


  • Flexi-fit breast shield provides close comfort
  • User-Friendly and multitasking allowances
  • Relatively soundless while pumping
  • Efficient, Adjustable suction levels with Display
  • Lightweight, Stylish tote with package


  • Specific size breast shields
  • One person pump

Who Should Buy

This pump is specially designed for working and multitasking moms who cannot afford to buy expensive pumps. It is also ideal if you face problems in breast feeding as it might be your first time. Many women have to take their children to office or have them clinging to their arms while cooking. Such women have little time at hand and therefore need efficient solutions for breast feeding.

The First Years miPump provides them a portable machine which is user friendly and allows them to multitask while working or cooking. You can easily do breast feeding without any involvement of your hand. You just need a secure place to keep your bottles while breast feeding. It won’t give you pain as it takes milk through vibration which makes you in a comfort zone and relieved. It is comfortable and affordable at a relatively lesser price. This pump also is quiet therefore saving women from a certain embarrassment.


The First Years miPump may look inefficient due to its smaller size and light weight, but it can be assured that it is designed in a way without compromising on strength and comfort. The pump is quiet and portable. Furthermore, the pump is efficient and provides close comfort to the users.

The pump is soundless and allows people to effectively multitask. It can also be set to eight suction pressure levels and is also provided with LED displays and ensures the user’s comfort while pumping. It is also provided with a dual power supply and uses 4AA batteries (not included with the package).