The First Year Natural Comfort Breast Pump Review



With the advent of breast pumps now mothers don’t have to make an excuse to buy powdered formula milks for their children. They can easily provide them breast milk by these breast pumps. So now if you are on the go, travelling or busy, or if the rate of milk ejection is less than these breast pumps come in handy for you. The first year’s natural comfort breast pump by the first year is an innovative product that allows you to give your child the perfect nutritional supplement. With the additional travel bag you can carry the product around with your wherever you want.

Features and Specifications

The first year

natural comfort breast pump is made on typical principles of a breast pump. Containing a motor with suction pads/surface, a power button that allows you to turn it on or off and adjust the settings, a travel size container and an additional traveling kit. It is made up of BPA free products so you can feed your child without passing on any health risks or hazards.

  • Overall Design

    The overall design of the breast pump is compact and easy to use. It is ergonomically designed so you can hold it with one hand while multitasking from another. It is lightweight, weighs only 2.2 pounds making it easy for you to carry it around even when you are running around in the morning.

    The plastic bottle is made up of BPA free products that reduce environmental harm and potential health hazards to your child. On top of it there is a suction control dial that allows you to modify the suction power according to your need without it being too gentle to the point of being useful or too harsh to the point of being painful. The gentle massaging shield massages the mammary gland, mimicking the suckling reflex allowing maximum and easy milk ejection.

    The plastic bottle comes with a lif and nipple so you can store or carry the milk with you if you want. Although some customers have complained about it being slow and taking 10 minutes to get only 1 ounce of milk, this makes the product less efficient and time consuming than other such products in the market today.

  • Travel Friendly

    The product is easy to carry around. So if you are traveling and you need to carry your baby with you and taking frequent intervals for feeding your little one does not comes off as a relevant option then instead of opting for formula milk powders you can go for this breast pump. With its zip on bag you carry all essentials in one place without losing them.

    This bag can also be used as an excellent place of storage for all your products so that you never lose them or cause any damage. You are also given two extra bottles that you can use if any of them gets lost or becomes unusable. The product is operated on batteries so you don’t need a charging outlet for it. Just pop in the batteries and you are good to go.

    Although some users have complained about it breaking down after few uses and the power motor is not very efficient to use. It can make a lot of noise, which is obviously uncomfortable for both the mother and the child and can be hurtful too.


  • Can be easily carried around
  • Battery powered
  • 2 extra bottles provided
  • BPA free
  • Travel bag is provided
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lightweight


  • No memory function, so you will have to always adjusts the sucking speed and rhythm yourself.
  • Breaks down after few uses
  • Becomes hurtful at times for some users
  • Can be loud and slow

Who Should Buy

This is one product in the market today that has received equal amount of praise and scrutiny. The praise is obviously for its sleek and lightweight design that makes it easy to handle, use and carry around. The travel kit makes it possible to keep everything in place whether you are in your house or not.

The extra bottles is a feature that makes it convenient for you to get another bottle that fits the motor without the need to buy it if the one before gets damaged. But the fact that it is slow at times, makes it difficult to eject milk out with equal efficiency as the baby’s suckling reflex would and that it is loud and can be painful makes this product set back from others of the same kind in the market today.

Hence it is suggested that if you want to invest your money into a baby pump then you should go for a thorough inspection in the market rather than instantly zeroing on this product.


Lightweight, easy to handle, travel friendly but weak power and no memory gives this product mixed reviews in the market today. Survey the market and see what products are available of the same category in your area. The traveling bag gives an excellent separate space for your product hence making it good for when you are out of your house.