Do Thermometers Need to Be Calibrated


Owning a thermometer can help you be more aware of one’s temperature at home. However, like most devices that measure physical quantities, you need them to be as accurate as possible. So, do thermometers need to be calibrated?

The short answer is yes.

Calibration guarantees accurate results

Whether you are monitoring your basal temperature or you’re monitoring your baby’s fever, an accurate reading helps you determine your next step. For example, in the case of a febrile baby, a reading of 37.5°C acquired with an oral thermometer and 38°C with a rectal thermometer mean that you need to give your baby his fever meds as ordered by his doctor.

It keeps food safe

If you use a thermometer on your refrigerator that’s not accurate, you can end up with spoiled food. You can also get undercooked food if you use an inaccurate thermometer when cooking. Both cases can leave you with an upset stomach or even food poisoning.

Now, apart from calibrating your thermometer, you should also know how to disinfect and reset it. These procedures are essential in making sure that your thermometer is accurate and that it won’t spread bacteria that can compromise the health of the family.