Tip and Tricks for Cleaning a Coffee Maker


A large population of the world is coffee lover. This drink is consumed every day in bars, offices and home. The espresso or coffee machine that is involved in making of this special coffee requires efficient cleaning mechanism in order to make it long lasting. It is very important to clean each and every part of the coffee maker so that it can be used for longer period of times. Here are few tips to clean the coffee maker in a proper way. By using these tips you can make your coffee maker durable.

Wash the Parts of Machine after Every Use

If you use the coffee maker frequently, then the best solution to make it clean is to wash it after every use. After making the coffee let the machine for few minutes to cool down and then disassemble the parts of the machine. Wash those parts that are washable and the remaining parts should be cleaned with a soft cloth. In this way, your coffee maker will remain spotless if you will give a little attention to it.

Use a Mixture Of Vinegar And Water

One of the best ways to make your coffee maker spotless is to use the mixture of water and vinegar. What you need to do is to make a solution with a quantity of half water and half white vinegar. After that pour it into the coffee maker and let the machine run for few minutes. After that stop it and leave the mixture inside the maker. The vinegar will react with the spots and will clean them. After that you can use a sponge to remove the spots properly. Wash the coffee maker with running water until the smell of the vinegar vanished. You will see no spots in your coffee maker. That is a brilliant idea to clean the coffee maker.

 The Carafe of Machine Should be Empty

If you really want to see your coffee machine spotless then it is better to immediately un-fill the carafe of the machine. That will leave no marks behind. You can wash it with ordinary detergent and after that clean it with a proper dry cloth. In this way, you can make your coffee maker ideal to use.

Dry the Machine after Washing

Mostly in our houses when we use the coffee machine then after washing it, we do not dry it. The electrical machines require more attention to be cleaned. The humidity or wetness can create the problems in such types of machines. So it is very important to completely dry the machine after washing it. That will not harm your coffee maker and will make it durable too.

Use Ice and Salt For Cleaning Coffee Maker

If there are spots of coffee or oil in your coffee machine, then you can also use a mixture of ice and salt. The only thing that you have to do is to break the ice and add some table salt in it. After that place put that mixture in the machine and leave it for few minutes. That will clean the marks. But never forget to wash it after pouring the solution of ice and the salt.

Baking Soda is Also Good

Baking soda is another option to clean the machine. Like if your machine is facing the spots of coffee then you can use a mixture of baking soda. You can mix that baking soda with distilled warm water and pour it into the machine. Run the machine and after that clean and wash it properly by using a sponge and running tap water. That will clean your coffee maker in a better way.

Wash the Filter

If the filter of the machine is not cleaned and washed properly then it can affect the working of the machine. So it is best to take the important steps before spoiling your coffee machine. The best thing that you can do is to immediately remove the filter after making the coffee. Wash that filter with warm water and sponge. If you think that there are some particles inside the filter then remove them at the spot and do not leave them to wash for next time. That will harden the residues and will affect the quality of the coffee and the machine.

Tips to Avoid the Bad Taste

If you will follow the instructions of the coffee making and it’s washing techniques, then there is no need to use the additional tips to clean it. However if you are facing the problem of spotted coffee machine and its bad taste then it is better to clean it properly by using these tips. You can avoid the bad taste by cleaning the machine with vinegar mixture. However, if you still feel the bad taste then you can also use a piece of lemon in warm water to avoid the bad taste of the coffee. That idea will make your coffee machine and coffee free of bad taste and smell.


It is highly suggested cleaning the coffee maker once in a while to avoid any odor. Dirty coffee maker may affect the taste of coffee so whenever you feel that the taste of coffee has changed then clean the coffee maker immediately.