Tips on Applying Feng Shui in Your Room


Feng Shui is an old Chinese technique that is used to create harmony in life. You can get lots of benefits by applying these tips to your homes and offices or the place where you live. That develops our relationship with the environment and makes strong bonds between the man and the natural environment. That involves the placement of the furniture and other objects of the house in a particular way to create the harmony. There are various ways to apply this Feng Shui in our lives by using various materials, textures, shapes and colors. Here I am going to describe few tips to apply a better Feng Shui in your room:

Remove the Mirrors

Remove all the mirrors of the room especially those that are reflecting your bed. You can make your room peaceful by using this tip. Make sure that there is no mirror in front of you, because the mirrors that will reflect you, causes more chances of draining while sleeping. So try to remove them all.

Place Your Bed Away From the Door

The bed of your room should be away from the door. That will give you a more calm impact of the room. That will give you a good view of the door from your bed. Also there should be an empty space below your bed that will charge you with energy in a better way than regular.

Do Not Sleep Under Lights

Place your bed away from the dark lights. You should not sleep under the beam of dark lights that will lead you towards illness.

Cover the Sharp Angles

If there are any sharp edges and corner in your room then try to remove them. Just laid on your bed and check the sharp edges. Now cover these edges by using a cloth.

Choose a Bed with a Back

Your bed must have a back. Secondly if you do not have a bed with a back then places your bed with a wall. Make sure that there should be a proper solid wall or back behind you. That will protect your energy while sleeping.

Bed Should Have Open Ends

It is very important that both of the sides of your bed should be open. That will allow you to move in both directions. Also keep one thing in mind that our mattresses are also prone to absorb the energy. So try to make a habit of exposing them in sunlight for few minutes in order to get the better energy.

Remove the Noisy Elements from the Room

Always keep in mind that there should not be a single noisy element in the room. If there is any, then immediately remove these things from the room. That will give you a peace of mind and body and will make you mediator.

Use of Air Purifier and Candles

Both the air purifiers and the candles play an important role in room. The air purifier will clean the air and will keep it fresh. While on the other hand, the candles will give an impact of dim lights and in this way it will make the room ideal for sleeping.

Use Soothing Colors

Colors also play an important role in life of a person. You can choose various colors according to your personality and bedroom. Always use the soothing colors in your bed room; however it is very important for you to understand the importance and impact of various colors. Here I am describing the nature of few colors:

  • Green color has a cool and calming impact.
  • Blue color is considered as a symbol of relaxation but it is cool too.
  • Yellow color will give you a stimulating impact but at the same time it can make you lazier.
  • Peach color mostly boosts the affairs.
  • Red color has its own importance in romance and love. All the shades of the red color encourage the romance and the love. However, if you will use the red color too much in your room then it will give you an impact of the fire which is wrong and that will drag you away from the serenity.

Use of Natural Fibers

Use the natural fibers to cover various things. Like your bed sheet should be made up of natural fibers. Also the curtains of your room should possess that feature.

Close the Door

Carefully close the door of your room, also make sure that the door of bath room is closed in order to make the air fresh and to allow the healthy energy to come inside the room.

Remove Water and Use A Natural Spray

If there is anything in your room that has water then immediately remove it. Sometimes we have water tanks and aquariums in our rooms, so eradicate them from your room. After that use the natural sprays to make your room cool and peaceful. You can use lavender or rose water in order to make the air fresh.