Are Titanium Drill Bits Better


Titanium drill bits have caught your attention, and you want to know if they’re worth your money. So, are titanium drill bits better?

First off, you should know that this type of drill bit is not exactly made of titanium. It is technically a High-Speed Steel (HSS) coated with titanium nitride.

Given the nature of titanium drill bits, you can’t help but wonder if the added material significantly makes HSS better. Let’s find out!

Titanium drill bits are more durable than HSS

HSS alone is already far more superior than other materials when it comes to durability. So, just imagine if it has a titanium coating. Titanium drill bits can last six times longer than the HSS type.

In fact, without titanium, HSS is nothing compared to cobalt’s hardness. Based on AutoDrill‘s explanation, higher temperatures can’t easily affect the extreme hardness of cobalt. Titanium-coated HSS, however, beats cobalt in that area.

See how durable titanium drill bits are? So, don’t be surprised when you see their expensive price tags.

Titanium drill bits can’t be sharpened 

As expected, titanium drill bits have a downside. The disadvantage directly stems from the fact that titanium is just a coating on HSS bits.

When you sharpen a dull drill bit coated with titanium, you’d scrape off the coating. It goes back to being an HSS bit.

In Conclusion

Are titanium drill bits better?

Focusing on durability alone, titanium drill bits are indeed better than most types. However, when you use them regularly, they’re bound to get dull and stay that way forever.

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