Are Toaster Ovens Better than Microwaves


More and more people use toaster ovens instead of microwaves. However, we can’t just assume that they’re making the right choice. Are toaster ovens better than microwaves?

To give you a fair answer, we’ll find out whether toaster ovens have a better heating technique, a more delicious effect, and a safer system.

Toaster ovens do it nice and slow.

Since toaster ovens use heating elements, they directly cook the food with heat. This allows them to thoroughly cook almost anything. However, you can’t expect them to give you faster results, unlike their smaller version which is the pop-up toaster.

On the other hand, microwaves are more innovative. Since they use strong electromagnetic waves, they can instantly change the properties of foods or drinks, resulting in a cooked dish or a hotter beverage. They’re definitely faster, but they can only heat items with higher levels of moisture or fat.

With all these factors in mind, we believe toaster ovens are better than microwaves when it comes to the heating method. You only need patience with them. Besides, there are more expensive options nowadays that can cook as fast as microwaves.

Toaster ovens cook more delicious foods.

There are two common foods that people usually cook in toaster ovens and microwaves. However, comparing the results, toaster ovens produce tastier versions. Find out why:

  • Potatoes

    Microwaves are excellent at making mashed potatoes. After all, it makes sense that simpler dishes must be cooked quicker. However, for crispier potatoes, microwaves are not really reliable.

    When it comes to crispy potato wedges and other similar dishes, you need a toaster oven. Besides, you can still cook mashed potatoes with this appliance. You just need more time in doing so.

  • Chicken

    Toaster ovens definitely cook tastier chicken dishes. They can make chicken skin crispier and more delicious. Just be careful though because longer exposure can overcook the meat.

    Meanwhile, microwaves can cook chicken without raw sections. However, they don’t usually bring out the meat’s flavor, resulting in a bland dish.

Toaster ovens can burn your fingers.

The biggest downside of toaster ovens is the lingering heat. Removing the food will require a tremendous amount of patience, care, and balance. That’s why it is actually more dangerous than a microwave.

Before you could even think about the electromagnetic waves of a microwave, yes, they are technically hazardous. However, microwaves have a special structure that can limit the radiation levels.

In Conclusion

Are toaster ovens better than microwaves?

When it comes to cooking different types of food, yes, toaster ovens are better. However, they’re not as convenient as microwaves as they’re more time-consuming to use.