Using Too Much Purple Shampoo: Is It That Bad


Getting that perfect blonde shape isn’t easy. Apart from that, it takes a lot of time and money, it also takes a lot of commitment to keeping the shade as fresh as when you stepped out of the salon. While you can always ask the help of your stylist, you can make the process of maintaining your hair color a lot easier by using the┬áright shampoo.

Now, although purple shampoos are great for blondes, you have to know what can happen when you start using too much purple shampoo.

It can make your hair look darker

Purple shampoos don’t technically make your hair darker. They simply eliminate the yellow which causes your hair to appear darker. And when you’re trying to go for the blonde look, you wouldn’t want your hair to look darker.

If your hair is damaged and you use too much purple shampoo, the product can leave a tint of color. The more purple pigments that get deposited in your hair, the more it’ll look silver or purple.

If you don’t want to risk going overboard with your purple shampoo, try mixing it with your regular shampoo. And if you wash your hair twice a week, use your purple shampoo once.

For more tips in using purple shampoo, find out how long you can leave the product on your hair.