Top 10 Home Management Tips for Working Moms


Women, today you are lucky because you have the liberty to pursue your dreams- have a career and also embrace your natural aura- be a mom! However, this is not an easy task, in fact in the simplest sociological term it is known as “double burden”- a burden because today most women are forced to work out of need.

If you are to be an effective working mom, there are a few things that you need to master especially in your home. Home management is an art form itself. How effectively you manage your household will determine how well you are as a working mom. Following are top 10 home management tips to get you going.

1. Prepare Lunch in Prime Time

Your children’s school lunch shouldn’t be left for last minute because it won’t turn out to be as healthy as growing children’s bodies require. Also, an early morning hassle means a stressful start to the day which you, as a working mom wouldn’t really want. Thus, try to prepare lunch the night before and you can easily just add leftovers to their boxes. Another way to cut the hassle is to keep a standardized lunch menu which means the whole family will be getting the same lunch on a particular day. This means you will not have to juggle around making lunch according to the needs of every child specifically. And once your children are old enough, encourage them to prepare their own lunches. Spreading cream cheese on a toast and other such activities will add to their motor skills also.

2. Get Your Kids Ready for Bed Like They Are Going Out

Mornings are a crucial time for working moms and thus anything that can help cut down the work load early in the morning is always well appreciated. Wrestling a two year old baby in the morning over clothes and breakfast before leaving for work is not how you would want your day to begin thus, just put your kid to bed in the same clothes as you would want him/her to be the following morning. This technique seems to work well with school going kids as well. Just make sure their clothes are not too fitted with big zippers and heavy seams. The rest will work out just fine.

3. Wash Dishes and Clean Kitchen Daily Before Going to Bed

This is a challenging task indeed. But never let it go unattended. You surely don’t want to return to a sink full of dirty dishes after a long and tiring day at work. You can also always delegate kitchen cleaning tasks among your children. This will not only cut down on your overall house chores but can also become a tactic for you to teach your children the perks of cleaning up their mess after they are done.

4. Keep Dirty Clothes in Separate Baskets to Save Time on Laundry

Laundry can be easily tackled if it is properly put in labeled hampers. Train your children to bring down their laundry and put it in the hamper designated for keeping dirty clothes varying from light to dark, cotton to silk and so on. This way you will not have to spend extra time putting them into piles. Since your laundry is now well labeled, all you need to do is put it in the washer before you leave home for work. As you get home, transfer it into the spinner and fold it up later after dinner over some fun quality time either with your spouse/partner or in front of the television.

5. Make a To Do List Daily During Lunch Breaks

Understand that your one hour of lunch break is one hour when you don’t have any child clinging to you or any boss running over your head. This is the time when you can relax and plan for later. Most working moms tend to make to do lists for later in the day or the next day. You can also use this time to make any important calls like call the drycleaner or the gardener and so on.

6. Assign Tasks like Making Bed, Washing Dishes etc. to Your Husband and Kids

Delegation is the key to any successful task or project. And your marriage is a partnership where you and your husband are equals. Thus, sit and plan with your husband tasks that he can take over from you and others that you can do for him. This will definitely make your life a lot easier.

7. Use Baskets and Drawers for Keeping Paper Clutter

Paper creates clutter like no other. And there is always paper clutter in the life of a working mom from utility bills to children’s artwork and report cards or letters from the school. Use binders and baskets to organize this clutter and keep it off the counter-tops. Next, make sure you have a trash can always nearby to where your paper clutter normally forms so that you can easily throw away any unwanted amount of paper. If you can easily document a lot of your paper clutter electronically then it will also help save a lot of your time and energy. And when it comes to art projects, hold on to a few special pieces while giveaway the rest to aunts and uncles and grandparents and friends.

8. Plan Beforehand For the Next Day Tasks and Duties

Nighttime is the best time to plan for the next day. Make a clear timetable for the household to follow according to your convenience. This will teach your children organizational skills and make your life easier too.

9. Share Ideas on Home Management with Other Working Women

Do a little social service and impart your knowledge as a working mom around to other working moms. You may easily do electronically. There are many working moms out there writing blogs to help fellow moms in their day to day struggles.

10. Know When to Let Go as No One is perfect

Understand that you are no supermom, even if you are one for your kids. You are just a human and there is always as much as you can accomplish. It’s okay to sometimes have a lazy day and not get the laundry in or clear the TV lounge before dinner time. As long as you’re happy and your family is happy, then there is nothing to worry about.


This article will only do so much as help you get on the right track, but as every situation differs mom wise, there will be some things that you will have to learn and adapt to on your own and that will only come with experience. There will be many ups and downs along the way, but keeping your footing grounded and solid, you will come out of it as a hero. Just appreciate, enjoy your family and don’t take on things as a robot.