Top 10 Ways to Increase Storage Space in Small Kitchens


Our kitchens are the loveliest place where we spend a major portion of our day while cooking. So it is important to give extra care to them. But what we need to do to make our kitchens spacious and clean? Here are few tips by which you can increase the space of your kitchen even if your kitchen is too small.

1. Use the Walls

If you are having a small kitchen then you can utilize its wall to make your kitchen spacious, like you can use the empty walls to hang the spoons, spatula and sauce pans. For that purpose you need to fix a pot rack on the wall and in this way you can save your cabinets for other cooking utensils. There are plenty of racks that are available in market with various sizes and shapes. You can choose any of these racks according to your budget and need. That will help you a lot in maintaining the small cooking items.

2. Use Baskets for Keeping Utensils And Other Related Stuff

If you have empty walls or even a small space on a wall then you can add decorative baskets there. These baskets can be used for various purposes to put various items like spoons, teabags, coffee sachets and match sticks etc. These baskets have dual benefits as they will give an extra space to store the kitchen items and that will also beautify the wall.

3. Create Roll out Trays

Most of the cabinets that have been installed in our houses have an extra space as they are built in way in which about 16-18 inches space is free and this is of no use. So you can use this empty space by using the roll out trays. These trays will give you a lot of extra space to place the kitchen items. Addition of the roll out trays is an excellent idea to increase the space of the kitchen. Find out your large cabinets and insert the roll out trays there to get the maximum benefit.

4. Utilizing the Back of Doors

Another option to increase the space of the kitchen is utilization of the back of the doors. Here you can install hangers and hooks to hang various items. Similarly you can also insert an organizer there that will help you to place the jars, cans and other bottles. You can also use the sink covering door to place the items used for cleaning purposes.

5. Adjust the Dishwasher Set in the Wall

You can also save the space of your kitchen by adjusting the dishwasher set in the wall. That will save the cabinets space for other items of the kitchen.

6. Create Built In Shelves

Sometimes we have built in cabinets or shelves in our kitchen like above the oven, refrigerator and sink. We do not use them usually but it is ideal to use these cabinets to place kitchen towel, basket and even the food items to save the space.

7. Create a Dish Rack for Increasing Space

Dishes are not commonly used in our kitchens especially in smaller families. So you can fix a rack for them in the wall to place them. That will save a plenty of space of the kitchen.

8. Add a Small Wooden Cupboard

There are numerous other ways to make our kitchens commodious. For instance, you can place a wooden cupboard in the kitchen, and if the space is limited then you can also place it in front of kitchen. This wooden cupboard is ideal to place various items. You can also store the food items there. Even if you are using it inside the kitchen, then the surface of upper portion of this cupboard can also be used for cutting purposes. You can cut and chop vegetables and fruits here as well. If you are not using it for cutting purposes then the other thing that you can do is to place the spoon stand, vase or dry fruits bowl there.

9. Add Some Cabinets above the Sink

Mostly there is an empty space above the sink. So there is a possibility to use this space. You can add some cabinets there and these cabinets can be utilized for various purposes.

10. Introduce a Pantry

You can also introduce a pantry in front of your kitchen. That will be ideal to place a variety of food and kitchen items. You can use this pantry to store pulses, rice, condiments and other dry food items. That will save a large space of the kitchen and will not create a mess in the kitchen.


If you follow the above mentioned tips then you will definitely save some space of the kitchen. Even if you have a normal size kitchen in your home, then you can pick any of the above mentioning tips to make it more expansive and fine-looking. That will give the sophisticated looks to the kitchen and will make your kitchen ideal for cooking.