Top 5 And Bottom 5 Safest Infant Car Seat Revealed


Ever wondered why we use infant car seats? All this hassle isn’t for nothing. Many adults think they will do well without it for their young ones; giving the popular vindication of that is how things went on in their young age. Safety, however, is something on which compromise simply is not worth it.

Some people eye a discounted, used seat as a good bargain. Is it really a good bargain if you’re putting your child’s life on the line? The answer speaks for itself.


The list is started off in order of the least to the most. A side note on these rankings; the difference between the item ranking 5th and the item ranking 1st is nothing more than the difference between a 19 and a 20; sheer difference at most.

  • Baby Trend Flex Lock Infant Car Seat

    This car seat has all the regular bases covered. It passes all the standardized crash tests and side impact tests. Apart from that it also includes features such as EPS foam which greatly adds to its side impact protection. It stands at the bottom of the top 5 because of its low weight limits. It can accommodate infants starting from the weight of 5 pounds and that tends to exempt premature births. All in all it is a good choice though the limited 3 month warranty is a slight drawback.

  • Baby Trend Inertia Infant Car Seat, Black Knight

    Coming in at 4th is another product from Baby Trend. The difference won’t be hard to note if you consider the price tag with a difference of more than $50 between the two. The Inertia exudes style in simplicity and safety having a purpose built no-nonsense design. It has been rated as the ‘safest’ according to popular infant car seat consumer websites. The recliner feature present in it limits its safety somewhat and places it at number 4.

  • Peg Perego Convertible Premium Infant to Toddler Car Seat

    At the bottom rungs of the top 3 is the mighty Perego Convertible Premium. As if standard safety regulations didn’t lay down the rules well enough; this seat comes with an anti-rebound bar as well. Not only does this reduce chances of a mishap in the event of a collision, it also provides overall firmness and longevity. The price tag might be a hurdle though.

  • Combi Shuttle Car Seat

    When great savings meet excellent safety standards; the result is the Combi Shuttle. With a one pull harness and anti-rebound bar; this seat covers not only the protective sphere duty but also stands at alert in case the need for an emergency exit arises. Installation is made easier with the auto lock feature which notifies you whether you’ve done your job right or not!

  • Evenflo Embrace LX Infant Car Seat

    Lightweight, safe, crash tested and what not. The Embrace LX, at number 1, is that all in one package for you. It has 3 shoulder harnesses, employs a plastic build which not only renders it close to weightless but also improves safety. It can maintain different positions so your child is safely snuggled into the seat; giving you the peace of mind the safest car seat can afford.

Bottom 5

Following is a brief overview of bottom 5 infant convertible cart seats.

  • Recaro ProSport Infant Car Seat

    Although the racing inspired design really does make Recaros stand out among the crowd; safety is of the essence. The ProSport series failed in tests conducted with regard to the harness system and, according to findings, it failed to hold back the occupant.

    This is nothing short of alarming and the company did a recall accordingly as well. Some advice? Stay clear of the visuals and aesthetics and consider what’s more important instead.

  • Eddie Bauer Black XRS 65 Convertible Car Seat

    Designer items may have the price tag to flaunt for but when it comes to what really matters; safety, few live up to their claims. Issues with setting up and securely fixing in this car seat may arise. Apart from that the harness straps aren’t good for children past a certain age. Straps are meant to be used for certain weight limits and this product has a quite limited scope.

  • Cosco – Scenera 5-Point Convertible Car Seat

    Perhaps it’s implied with the below $50 price tag. But the, more often than not, habit of the harness straps to lock up while being either too tight, or too loose presents a major safety hazard just waiting to happen. Steer clear of this product. Your child’s life is worth more than saving a few dollars.

  • Maxi-Cosi Mico Infant Car Seat

    An improper design and unstable build is what plagues this product’s ratings and reliability. Considering the price range; one could get TWO good seats instead.

  • Safety 1st Comfy Carry Elite Plus Infant Car Seat

    According to reviews from parents; the overall impression wasn’t ‘fitting’. Common matters such as clicking the seat in the base or the build quality of the seat gave a ‘insecure’ feel all the way. Despite the brand’s repute, this is one product to think twice about.

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