Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid While Cleaning Home


Cleaning is the most important thing to get pleasant atmosphere, if the surrounding is not clean then you will not get fresh air. The house is the place where we get maximum rest after a hectic work schedule that is the reason every single individual like to clean their house. Cleaning has many different styles that depend from people to people. Everyone has different preferences that definitely related to the size of their house, small houses have less cleaning work but yet cleaning is necessary. Few people who don’t like cleaning usually hires a maid, but unlike affluent people, citizen with low budget or less income prefer to do it by own. Apart from the rich and poor, few people like cleaning their home, not only that but for few citizens, cleaning become a hobby.

House cleaning involves several things like sweeping, mopping, removing dust from walls including spider webs if any, dusting, cleaning rugs, mats, carpets, curtains, doors, window glass, removing dust from decoration pieces, and fridge cleaning; this is the most indispensable thing, people need to clean it after two weeks. Sometimes a vacuum cleaner doesn’t the only option to clean the carpet, if your carpet gets too dirty or have a stain of tea or coffee then you have to wash it and then leave it to dry.

Common Home Cleaning Mistakes

While cleaning home people do so many mistakes due to a few misconceptions that need to be clear to get satisfactory clean house. I have found few mistakes that people do while cleaning the house that is necessary to keep in mind. Below are the five common mistakes to avoid while cleaning

1- Avoid Cleaning Windows in Hot Weather

Usually in daylight when the sun is on its utmost light, we can clearly see the marks or spots on window glass that made us clean it at the same time. It is recommended to avoid taking this step immediately due to a reason that can destroy your dream to have a spotless window. Cleaning window glass in a sunny time can bring sketches like marks as the cleaner get easily vanish in too hot weather, always try to clean it in the evening or maybe in cloudy weather. For cleaning one can use any good cleaner that has a tendency to leave the window clean. Best way to clean window with a good quality cleaner is to leave it for a few minutes and then clean it with the paper, you may also use old newspapers, it is said that paper can clean the windows in a better way. Take care of your moves; don’t move your hands randomly in any direction as it may not clean it as much as you want.

2- Don’t use Chemical Combined Mixtures

Cleaning toilets and washroom tiles is also very important thing and need to clean every day, of course nobody cleans the tiles of washrooms on a regular basis, but people prefer to clean it with bleach or some mixtures that contain toxic chemicals that sometimes they are unaware of, a slight mistake can put you in a big trouble that you can ever imagine. What actually happens, people like to have spotless cleaning cleaners and because of that they choose the heavy cleaner that contain different chemicals like acid or bleach. Such toxin usually found in bathroom cleaning mixtures. Eschew using bad chemicals it can damage your equipment as well as your health.

3- Use Correct Tools for Cleaning

Many people who don’t know much about cleaning conventionally use whatever tool they get, in this way their cleaning may become worse and sometimes they end up getting their furniture or other things scratched. Before start cleaning the house, one should learn the basics of it like which tool best suitable for which thing, and which cleaner can be used to wipe particular things, in this way you can protect your furniture, TV, fridge, door, etc. for instance, never try to clean the carpet with a hard brush as it can snatch the shine as well as bring permanent damage. If a particular area of your carpet gets any coffee or tea stain, then first try to soak that with a piece of cloth, when you notice that the specific part of carpet dry then use a soft brush with any good cleaning agent to remove the marks. If you have any questions regarding the tool that can be used for particular thing, then you can search it on net and get complete description.

4- Read the Instruction Manual Carefully

Every item that we buy whether for decoration purpose or for household comes with an instruction manual which has every detail including the cleaning guideline, but we, the human never try to read that, few through it from some other place and then forget to have a glimpse of it later if needed, it’s part of human psychology that we are always in a hurry and due to it we usually miss important aspects that is necessary to learn. Try to read it carefully.

5- Vinegar is Not the Only Solution

Few people have a misconception that vinegar has a tendency to clean everything, but it’s wrong. Vinegar is an acid and it can destroy neutral materials. Excessive use of vinegar may take away shine of tiles so avoid using it in excess amount while cleaning the floor. In the same way, lemon is also not good to use on tiles, you may add water in lemon drops to decrease its intensity. It is better to use only those products that are specially made for titles, marbles and other neutral materials.


These are some of the mistakes you must avoid while cleaning your home.