Top 5 Natural Air Fresheners for Your Home


It is very important to keep the air of the house fresh. If you have properly clean your house and it is still giving bad smell because of any negative agent then it will give an unpleasant impact. Homemade air fresheners are best in this way, as they make the smell of your home nice. Mostly these are made with the help of essential oils, these oils are not only perfect for fragrance but they also perform antifungal and anti-bacterial responsibilities. So in this way it makes our home environment healthy and fresh.

Here are top 5 ways to make air fresheners at home:

1. Use of flowers

There are numerous ways to make natural air fresheners by using the flowers. Both fresh and dried flowers can be used for the purpose of making natural air fresheners. That will cost low than the other air fresheners available in market.

Like you can take few twigs of rosemary and add few drops of vanilla essence in it. After that, add juice of lemon in it that will act as a perfect air freshener. That is natural and it will give you a pleasant fragrance in low budget.

You can also use dried flowers for that purpose. Take a bunch of flowers which you like the most and then place it inside a vessel. After that pour some essential oil in it, that will also act as a perfect air freshener for your home. You can also place that vessel in your wardrobe. That will give an excellent fragrance to your clothes.

2. Use of Coconut and Lime

That is an excellent idea to use the coconut and the lime for making the natural air freshener. That will give you a pleasant feeling of summer. Now what you need to do is to take lemon and coconut water. Take a sauce pan and fill it with water. Add few slices of lemon in it and then boil it. After that add a table spoon of coconut extract then let the mixture to cool down. After that fill a bottle with that solution and shower it in your home. That will give a brilliant smell all around. That method is quite cheap and all the things are easily available in the home. So you do not need to spend a lot of money on the purchasing of other air fresheners that contain the chemicals and also which are not good for the health.

3. Aromatic Olive Oil Candles

The use of aromatic olive oil candles is best in this way as these are cost effective and secondly they will act as a natural deodorizer. Take a jar with broad mouth and pour olive oil in it. Add few drops of essential oil in it. Take a wick and tie it with a wire. Place that wire in the jar. Mold the other end of the wire so that it can hook onto the jar. After that burn the wick. You will get a perfect candle with fragrance. That candle is ideal for emergency conditions and secondly it will also spread the fragrance. These candles are inexpensive than the other wax candles that are available in market. But these homemade candles will save your money. You can also place them in your washrooms and bedrooms.

4. Natural Home Deodorant

If you want to save tons of your money, then it is ideal to make your own natural air freshener. Make a list of all those fragrances which you like the most. Now choose any one of them, or you can also go for an option to make all of them as these are really inexpensive.

Like if you want to make a natural air freshener with orange. Then it is ideal to add few drops of essential oil with 3-4 cups of water. Then add a cup of vodka and a table spoon of orange extracts. That will act as an excellent natural deodorant for your home. It is ideal to be used in bedrooms, washrooms and drawing room. You can use eucalyptus, cinnamon, lavender, tea tree oil and a lot more according to your choice.

5. Fruits Act as Natural Air Fresheners

Fruits are another option to make the air freshener. You can use a variety of fruits for that purpose. If you like the smell of coconut, orange, apple, lemon then you can make your own air freshener by using them. But one thing that is important to tell you here is that citrus fruit have long lasting effect so it is ideal to use.

Here I will tell you a few recipes to make your own deodorizer.

  • Add almond extract in few drops of orange juice to make the orange amaretto.
  • You can also use the lemon juice for preparation of air freshener. Add vanilla extracts, lemon juice and few drops of mint extracts.
  • Add extracts of blueberry in almond oil and orange juice to get an awesome air freshener.


Commercial air fresheners have a lot of chemicals in them which are not good for our health so it is highly suggested using natural air fresheners. Go ahead and make these natural air fresheners for your home. Your family and guests will love them.