Top 5 Ways to Keep Pests Away From Home


Pests are the one thing that no one likes in their houses and truth be told, making your house pest free is quite close to impossible. One of the major reason for this being that there exists over 10 quintillion bugs species in the world today. Bugs and pests tend to create unhygienic and unsanitary conditions for all with high prevalence to antivirus, rat-bite fever, bubonic plague and many more such viruses. Thus, keeping your home bug free is essential and should be a top priority at all times. Especially because it is much easier to prevent pests and bugs from coming inside your homes and it is from getting rid of them once they have fully and completely established themselves inside your households.

Following are 5 ways which will help you get rid of the most common pests and bugs that usually evade our homes.

1. Eradicate All Possibilities of Forming a Habitat

Imagine, if you were a pest, where would go make your home? Factually speaking, pests tend to seek shelter in moist areas that offer food and protection from predators- in other words; your home is the perfect place for any pest to raise a family. Start by eliminating basic pest magnets from your daily home lives. This includes cleaning out gutters and downspouts. Also, keep your kitchen tidy and food properly sealed because insects and pests love to feast over leftovers such as crumbs and dirty dishes or easy access food. Throwing away food scraps and keeping the counters clear will ensure a pest free zone in the most important room of the house; the kitchen. Pests are also attracted to pet food, so the best way to store pet food is in large metal tins as it makes it hard for pests to climb in then.

But it’s not just about a kitchen as a cluttered home will also prove to be the perfect breeding ground for pests and insects. A cluttered environment will never be humidity free and pests and insects breed in moisture environments. Thus, don’t leave dirty dishes or laundry lying around. Keep your drainage system in check so that there are no leaks. Moreover, if you have any pets indoors, then make sure to keep their litter box clean as well.

When it comes to getting rid of trash, make sure to properly store trash away in top lidded trash cans with garbage bags before getting rid of it as open trash is also a known and favorite breeding ground for pests. Also, occasionally wash your trash cans to rid them off any unpleasant smells or substances

2. Seal All Openings from All Parts of Your Home

Seal all and every possible entry and exist point leading in and out of your home. But keep in mind you are sealing for creatures that are miniature in size. Replace the weathering strips around doors, vents and windows, especially in the basement and attic. If air and light can pass through any hole, then so can a bug.

Utility line and pipes are also an easy access point for pests and bugs. Use caulk cervices on the lines and pipes visibly showing on your home’s exterior however use a spray foam product on the opening that is indoors. Some people also prefer putting up mesh wires on the interior opening before putting n the spray foam. If there are any unwanted cracks or holes in the masonry then make sure to patch these with cement or mortar.

3. Add Screen Doors To Avoid the Entry of Pests

As much tempting the natural ventilation sounds especially during the summer time, it has worst repercussions. Summertime is party time for mosquitoes and other pests so to avoid their entry into your home, it is recommended that you install screen doors and windows made of fine mesh which will not only allow fresh air to come in but also keep unwanted pests outdoors. Installing a screen in your door is quite easy and you can easily do it yourself with the help of many guides available online.

If you already have a screen door or window installed, regularly check it for any breaks or holes which can work as easy entry points for uninvited pests like fleas and mosquitoes. Use clear nail polish or easy set cement to close down any entry points on the screen door. Occasionally use a screwdriver or tweezers to set the mesh back in place if it has become disfigured. And is it has come out of its frame, and then use staples for wooden frames to attach it back on.

4. Proper Maintenance of Yard is Necessary to Keep Pests Away from Home

How you keep the outside area of your house will directly affect the inside. Therefore, spend quality time maintaining your yard. Clear away all fallen leaves and debris and don’t let them get into piles as this is one of the favorite spots for insects to hide under. Mosquitoes are attracted to water, so don’t let any water stand in your yard. To eliminate this issue, you can try aerating your lawn so that water can easily absorb into the ground. Also, make sure the drainage system is well maintained and doesn’t have any clogs.

If you have any pools of fountains in your yard, then chlorinate them well and change their water frequently so that mosquitoes get less of a chance to lay eggs in them.

Mow away your lawn and keep it short especially during season changing periods. Keep the mulch away as the moisture in it is definitely going to attract a lot of pests. Prune the trees in your yard and don’t let them too close to the windows and roof top as then you will be eagerly providing an easy passage way to pests.

5. Promoting and Encouraging Natural Predators

Just like in a basic food cycle, the big predator goes for the smaller meeker prey, same is the case her. Birds, warblers and swallows are known mosquito assassins. On the other hand, bats prey on bigger pests like wasps, scorpions and spiders.

Encouraging bats in your yard is probably a very uncomfortable thought for most homeowners, but there is nothing to be afraid of as bats work only during the late hours of the night when you will be happily tucked away in your beds.

To establish a bird friendly environment, grow lots of trees around your home which will serve as nesting grounds. Often put out bird feed along with changing their water regularly. If you bird guests are happy, you will surely be much happier.


Sharing is caring but not when your living quarters are in question to be shared with pests and bugs. Therefore, to avoid infestation take up the necessary precautions before hand as it is much easier to keep the pests away than to drive them out once they have clearly established themselves indoors. If all fails, get your local pest exterminator to come and take care of these pests for you.