Is Trimming Better Than Shaving


A lot of men struggle with grooming their beards. And if you are one of those men, you probably have one question in mind: Is trimming better than shaving?

The answer to that depends on a lot of factors. Let’s discuss them one by one.

It depends on the style you’re after.

If you are looking for a cleaner look, shaving is the better option for you. If you’re aiming to look more rugged or if you are simply styling your beard, then trimming would be fine.

Think about safety.

Apart from style, another thing you need to consider is safety. If you are not that skilled in shaving, there’s a good chance that you can end up cutting your skin.

With trimming, you wouldn’t have to worry about that. A trimmer doesn’t really come that close to the skin so cutting isn’t likely to happen.

Consider your time.

If you are in a hurry, go for a trim since it takes less time. Shaving takes longer since you need to be really careful with each pass. If you shave in a hurry, you can end up with nicks and cuts which can be uncomfortable.

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