UPPAbaby MESA Infant Car Seat Review



While making car seats especially for infants there are certain specifications that we have to keep in mind. Like the comfort of the baby, is the baby protected, and is the car seat in the correct price range. These are few important points to consider while buying any infant restraint.

Obviously with the addition of stroller, seat base, canopy and hand carry are now becoming more and more popular among the masses for their diversity. This UPPAbaby car seat is made with high quality foam and fabric that gives your child a peaceful ride in your car. Rated at 3.9 stars out of 5 this car seat is considered very popular among many other online customers.

Features and Specifications

The car seat system is typical in its nature with a stroller and hand carry friendly making it a complete travel system. It fits in many cars properly and is perfect for babies who weigh less than 35 pounds of weight. This makes the car seat highly sought after in the market.

  • Polyurethane Foam

    The car seat is made up of the top quality poly urethane foam. Poly urethane is known for being use in many things ranging from insulation to furniture. You find it in bedding, sofas, car seats and what not. So this high quality foam, that is tried and tested, is also used in this car seat.

    The foam allows proper sitting position and keeps the bay in shape when he or she is lying down on it. Through this the baby gets the perfect relaxing experience, so you can easily transfer the baby from its cot to its car seat without waking him up.

  • 4 Different Colors

    UPPAbaby allows you to choose which color you want to ride your child with. Unlike many other car seats that are present in either black or white this one is presented in four exciting colors or you can choose according to your car’s interior and your taste. There is the standard black, then a wheat color, the electric teal and stark orange. All of these colors make your car seat stand out, and even when you are carrying your child around in the hand carry.

  • The Canopy

    Having a canopy over the car seats is becoming a standard these days. They not only make your car seat look good but also create a protective shield on top of your child. Loaded with SPF 50 this one is protective not only by sunlight but also by the harmful radiation emitted by the sunlight that is known to cause things as benign as freckles to as malignant as skin cancers.

    This makes it a great feature for all of those people out there who live in extremely sunny nations and want to protect their children from the harmful radiations. However the canopy sliding s not very effective and it gets stuck many times while sliding it open or close.

    This might not be a great feature as you expect something to work smoothly if you are paying so much. Speaking of which, this product is way expensive than other products of the same range in the market today. So if you are in the mood to buy a car seat for your young one and you don’t have enough cash to afford this one, its okay there are others in the market that are equally good and less expensive than this one.

  • Car Seat Base

    The car seat is packaged with a seat base that can be adjusted easily. This seat base is installed by an easy LATCH technology and takes a few seconds from putting it on to taking it off. This makes the usage of the car seat not only easy but also fixated. This gives you the insurance that your car seat will not move rather stay in place even if you take a sharp turn.

  • No Rethread Harness

    The harness are made by such technology and belts that can be used even for baby’s who weigh very less like of 4 pounds to babies who weigh up to 35 pounds. They can be tightened according to your child’s weight, and will hold your child in place for as long as you want, and as long as the child can stand it.


  • Polyurethane foam
  • Polyester fabric
  • No thread harness
  • 4 colors
  • Easy to install car base
  • Canopy with spf 50
  • Stroller friendly design
  • Side impact protection
  • Hand carry
  • Headrest and padding for extra comfort


  • Very expensive
  • Less protecon atigainst sun due to shorter shade
  • straps get twisted sometimes

Who Should Buy

If you want to buy a car seat that is perfect for your little one and makes it snuggle nice and tight then this one is perfect for you, provided that you have the money too. This drawback considering there are many others in the market that do the exact same thing but are priced at a much lower range. This however gives you the option to play with different colors so you can choose according to your likening.


Colorful, comfortable, SPF 50 sun protection, and expensive, this product is ideal for those who can afford.