How to Use a Tactical Pen


If you are in search of practical ways to protect yourself in case of dangerous situations, one of the things you can do is to learn how to use a tactical pen. A tactical pen is an effective survival weapon that is easy to conceal and use. But you need to know the right way to use it. If you don’t know how to use one, it can pretty much be just an ordinary writing pen. Of course, don’t expect it to look like anything fancy like a fountain pen.

It is not unusual for some manufacturers to turn pens into some sort of weapon. There are even spy pens that can be used to record videos and sounds.

Knowing how to use a tactical pen may just one day save your life or someone that you care about. It is a multi-tool that you can use to write on ordinary days and protect yourself if the need arises. It’s quite small and easy to carry. You can even put it in your pocket.

What’s Special About Tactical Pens?

So, what makes a tactical pen special compared to ordinary pens? They both can write. But a tactical pen has a sharp point that is hidden in the tip. Other tactical pens weigh a lot more than simple pens because of their construction. They are made out of a high-grade steel so you can count on it to have a very strong strike. It can surely get you out of trouble.

Tactical pens were created for people who want to avoid using firearms such as guns for self-defense. It’s a great alternative that can also be useful in ordinary situations. The best thing about learning how to use a tactical pen is that the pen would not appear as a weapon to other people. Your attacker may not notice that you are armed and are able to protect yourself. You will have the advantage of having the element of surprise.

Why Would You Need a Tactical Pen?

What are the reasons that you may need a self-defense tool such as a tactical pen? These days, there is an increased violence in big cities and people are looking for solutions to defend themselves without the risk of inflicting harm to people they don’t intend to. People of all ages are beginning to attend classes that teach self-defense and martial arts in general. They also want a tool that could protect them.

You may have heard of a case in which a person was attacked on the street without any power to defend themselves or anybody to offer help. These incidents can be avoided by teaching yourself self-defense techniques and learning how to use a tactical pen. It would have not only physical but also mental benefits. You will have peace of mind knowing that you are not defenseless. It’s best to be prepared to defend yourself at any time.

Who Invented the Tactical Pen?

It’s good to have some background about the origin of the tactical pen. Soke Takayuki Kubota invented a simple weapon in a keychain called a Kubotan back in the 60s. It required only a few basic locks and pressure point strikes that made it incredibly effective. It’s easy to conceal and it would hurt the opponent a lot.

This is how the tactical pen came to be. It’s a creative way to turn an ordinary thing into a weapon.

Ways to Use a Tactical Pen

Aside from hurting an attacker on the street to protect yourselves, there are many ways that you can benefit from learning how to use a tactical pen. Some are not as common as its obvious purpose.

  • Breaking Glass

    You can use a tactical pen to break a glass in case you are in a scenario where you are trapped and need to escape. You may also be rescuing someone or retrieving an important object. The pointed end of the pen is suitable for breaking panes of glass. Wearing protective gloves, grip the pen firmly with one hand and stand back against the wall. Swing your arm from the elbow and slam the point or the metal tip into the corner of the pane. This would make the glass shatter easily.

  • DNA Collection

    This small self-defense tool comes with a built-in device which allows you to track an assailant. Some tactical pens are designed with a crown studded end cap. This part is ideal for scraping, jabbing, or scratching an attacker. It would leave blood or a bit of flesh behind that you can bring into a lab to be analyzed.

  • Slashing

    The simplest way to use a tactical pen for self-defense is by slashing it like a knife or a sword. You can swing it in a striking motion. It doesn’t have a blade but the pen will do real damage especially with a solid swing.

  • Pressure Point

    This method would require some techniques and practice. Attacking the pressure points can disable your opponent. If you strike on the right pressure points, you don’t need to exert a lot of force. When you know how to use a tactical pen to target these weak spots, you have an incredible advantage against attackers.

  • Stabbing

    To use a tactical pen by stabbing, you need to know the best target locations. You need to aim for the eyes and if you connect it with another move, it would free you to go. Another vulnerable part of a man’s body is his Adam’s apple. Do not aim for this if it is not immediately visible because you may not have the time to hit the right spot. It would also be difficult if you’re having a hard time seeing or breathing so aim for the easier targets first.

You would be wise to carry more than one tactical pen as a backup defense tool. Keep them in lots of sneaky places that are easy to access to keep you safe at all times. You may even want to put one in your bag, one in your office, and one in your home.