How to Use Baby Bath Tub


Washing a tiny baby in your regular bathtub isn’t just frightening but it’s unsafe, too. It can also be hard on your knees and back, making it even harder to support a really soapy baby. This is why you should learn how to use baby bathtub and wash your baby properly.


Make sure that everything you need is within easy reach. You should have your towels, gentle washcloth, and soap ready. Make sure the water is just right, too. It shouldn’t be too hot or too cold. Add a few inches of water to the tub.


You should be holding your baby in a way that your non-dominant hand is supporting his head and neck. Then, lower the baby into the tub gently. Dedicate your non-dominant hand for holding the baby and don’t let it go.


Using your other hand, wash your baby’s face and scalp. Then, you can wash his body and bottom. Use a damp washcloth for washing the baby’s face and wiping his eyelids from the inside corner out. Be sure to use a different part of the washcloth for each eye and in cleaning the mouth, ears, and nose.


After the bath, be sure to gently wrap the baby in a clean towel. Pat him dry. Place the baby on his changing pad before you put on his diaper. This is to make sure that there’s proper support.