Can You Use Dry Shampoo Everyday


Dry shampoos are a quick solution to days when you’re just too lazy to wash your hair or you simply didn’t have enough time in the morning for a quick shower. However, despite how convenient they are, you should still be careful about using them too much. Can you use dry shampoo everyday?

It depends on how fast your hair gets greasy and oily

If you have hair that gets oily fast, use your dry shampoo every other day. If your hair typically remains fine after skipping a day between shampoos, you can use your dry shampoo for about 2 days in a row. On the third day, be sure to shower and clean your hair with your favorite shampoo.

Here’s why:

Dry shampoo offers a water-free option for cleansing your hair. It absorbs the excess sebum and oil from your roots, leaving you with hair that’s smells fresh.

Using dry shampoos for consecutive days allows the product to mix with your hair’s natural sebum. Once that happens, your hair will start to create that greasy paste that will make your hair strands look clumpy and limp. It may even give you a hard time combing through your hair. And when it gets worse, you can end up with a really bad smelling hair that sheds easily.