How to Use Electric Breast Pump


Not sure how to use electric breast pump? It guarantees an easier breastfeeding experience, but you shouldn’t expect it to pump milk right from the get-go. The process requires an initial stage or phase.

Just watch this video to learn more about the letdown part of the process:

To easily remember the most essential points from the video, take a look at the following highlights:

  • The first phase is for stimulating your breasts. It involves fast yet gentle suction to begin the milk flow.
  • The second phase is slower but more intense for a stronger flow of breastmilk.
  • Take advantage of the pump’s speed settings for a more comfortable time.

Since not all models have the same number of buttons and programs, make sure to read the user’s manual first. You have to know the purpose of each button to find out which one’s for stimulation, intensity, and speed.

In Conclusion

Learning how to use electric breast pump will help you become more efficient for your baby. To be more specific, knowing the right buttons will let you adjust the speed and intensity for smoother milk flow. As a plus, programming the right settings will keep you comfortable throughout the process.

Just in case you have painful nipples after using a breast pump, we have some tips on how to soothe them.