Can You Use an Exercise Bike When Pregnant


Pregnant women are advised to stay healthy through exercise. However, they can only use certain types of gym equipment. So, can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

Go ahead and ride that bike!

Researchers, experts, and medical professionals highly recommend minimal exercises such as biking. To keep you out of harm’s way, use a stationary bike instead of the real thing.

An exercise bike is a stress-free equipment.

A stationary bike will perfectly support your weight. According to the American Pregnancy Association, that’s a huge factor to keep yourself from getting stressed out while exercising. Only a few areas around your body will experience stress from the workout.

However, you need to make sure that you are using the right type of exercise bike.

What’s better than a mere exercise bike is the recumbent type. A recumbent bike has a backrest which is more useful when you have a heavier belly. Since back pain is a common issue during pregnancy, a recumbent bike can help you ease the pain even while you’re moving.

In Conclusion

Can you use an exercise bike when pregnant?

Exercise bikes are highly recommended for pregnant women, so feel free to use one. However, we recommend a specific type of equipment which is the recumbent bike. It will give you proper support during exercise.