When to Use Hair Conditioner


If you want to protect and nourish your hair, you need to invest in a good conditioner. It’ll help seal your hair cuticle, preventing heat damage and blocking elements that can harm your hair. In using this product, however, you need to know exactly when to use hair conditioner.

The best time to apply your hair conditioner is after washing your hair. Apply the product to one half of your head and use a comb to make sure you get all the strands evenly coated.

For best results, don’t apply it when your hair is still sopping wet. This will just force the product to slide off, preventing it from penetrating and coating the fibers. As a tip, you can wring out your hair before applying it.

Allow the product to absorb. The waiting time will depend on the type of product you are using. If you are using a rinse-out conditioner, you can leave it for a minute or two. Deep treatment requires a longer time.

As a guide, avoid putting conditioner on your scalp and roots. This will just lead to over-conditioning, leaving you with greasy and flat hair. You have to focus more on areas that are drier and more damaged, such as the tips of your hair.

Of course, there are other things you have to consider. The list includes your hair type, the condition of your scalp, and your preferences.