How to Use Hair Dryer Concentrator


You’ve probably heard about the wonders of using a concentrator nozzle on your hair. You should know, however, that its positive results rely on proper technique. Don’t worry; we’re here to teach you how to use hair dryer concentrator.

Just like what the name suggests, a concentrator makes sure that the airflow will focus on a specific area. This prevents blowing strands in different directions. Unfortunately, it will take longer to dry your hair.

To make things faster, make sure to follow these methods:

Do some preparations.

The concentrator will definitely help in drying your hair, but it shouldn’t be used as soon as you turn on your blow dryer. Before anything else, here are the things you should do, according to a tutorial video from Channel Panasonic:

  1. Dry your hair the usual way with your blow dryer. However, don’t make it completely dry. This step only aims to eliminate excess water for a faster styling process. Remember to use the correct settings based on your hair type to prevent damage.
  2. Make your hair smooth and ready with a brush. We recommend round brushes with boar bristles. This type of bristles easily spreads natural oil throughout your hair for smoother strands.
  3. Attach the concentrator nozzle to your hair dryer. Some blow dryers may have a different design, so check the user’s manual first.

Position the concentrator properly above your hair.

Finally, we’re going to discuss the correct techniques in using the concentrator nozzle. Remember the following steps:

  1. Turn on your hair dryer.
  2. Set your hair dryer at a hot temperature. However, make sure your hair can handle the heat.
  3. Adjust the airflow to a gentler pressure. The consequence of a stronger pressure is extremely hot air since the concentrator has a narrow opening.
  4. Take a section of your hair.
  5. Put the brush under your hair, specifically near the roots. This ensures that you’ll brush your hair from the inside. The result will be stronger strands. In case you’re confused with the positioning, just make sure that your hair is between the brush and the concentrator.
  6. Slide the brush down to the tips. The concentrator should be parallel to the brush all the time.
  7. Slightly turn the brush inward when it reaches the tips to avoid flyaway strands. If you want curls, wrap your hair around the brush for a while.
  8. Press and hold the “Cool Shot” button while your hair is around the brush. This will lock your hairstyle with cold air. However, this is only possible if your hair dryer has this feature.
  9. Release your hair as soon as the strands are cool.
  10. Set the hair dryer to a cooler temperature for the finishing touch. This aims to give you shinier, stronger hair.


Learning how to use hair dryer concentrator will make you realize that it’s not really that different than the usual blow drying process. You just have to almost dry your hair before using the nozzle for a speedier process. You should also use the right temperature and air pressure.