How to Use Hair Straightener to Curl Hair


If you only have a flat iron at home, don’t let that stop you from styling your hair with strong curls.

Hair straighteners and curling irons are actually very similar. They can both emit high heat to prolong the effect. That’s why it’s really easy to learn how to use a hair straightener to curl hair.

Divide your hair into sections

Don’t just blindly part your hair into smaller sections. You need to know the basics. Learn more about the process below:

  1. Tie the portion of your hair that covers the topmost part of your scalp. The border should lie right above your ears.
  2. Make a bun out of the small ponytail you just made.
  3. Divide the lower part of your hair by separating it into sections measuring two inches only. If you want loose curls, make bigger sections.
  4. Put a bobby pin or clip across each section so you won’t have to separate strands again.
  5. As soon as you’re done curling the entire bottom layer, untie the bun and make another layer by letting go of some strands.
  6. Repeat the steps again until you’re done.

Clamp the flat iron and run it along your hair

To be more specific about this, check out the curling method below in detail:

  1. Gently clamp the hair straightener close to your scalp. Be careful not to burn your skin.
  2. Turn the flat iron once. Make sure your hair wraps around the tool.
  3. Slowly run the flat iron down your hair until it reaches the end. Don’t clamp the plates too much for a smoother movement.
  4. Repeat the process on another section.


It’s incredibly easy to learn how to use a hair straightener to curl hair. Just remember that the intensity of your curls relies on the flat iron’s temperature. Other factors include the size of the sections and the level of pressure as you twist your hair.