How to Use Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding


When a woman gets pregnant, her body undergoes several changes. Apart from the weight gain and sleeping issues, she’ll grow her belly and that can mean back pain. This is why investing in a good pregnancy pillow can help. It has the right design and materials that can make pregnancy and even breastfeeding a lot more bearable, even when you’re sleeping.

What Are Pregnancy Pillows

Pregnancy pillows are the type of pillows specially designed for pregnant women. Unlike traditional body pillows, they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Moreover, they are also different when it comes to materials. Some are made of organic materials while others are made of cotton, polyester, and memory foam.

Most people think that pregnancy pillows are expensive. The truth, however, is that pregnancy pillows are affordable and easily available in the market. Moreover, their use is not limited to pregnancy period. You can use yours later on for breastfeeding.

Reasons to Use A Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows offer numerous benefits. Here are some of them:

  • Improves Sleep Quality

    A pregnancy pillow can improve sleep quality. It helps mothers experience a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

  • Improves Blood Circulation

    A pregnancy pillow can also improve the blood circulation around your body. Additionally, it can also improve the distribution of nutrients in the body.

  • No Pain Even With Prolonged Use

    Unlike traditional pillows, pregnancy pillows are softer and more comfortable. They are designed to provide maximum comfort to the mother’s body. Even if used for a long time, a pregnancy pillow won’t cause any pain or discomfort.

  • Effective Against Most Pregnancy Issues

    Pregnancy pillows can also ease heartburn, nasal congestion, and morning sickness.

How to Use Pregnancy Pillow for Breastfeeding

If you have a pregnancy pillow on hand and wondering how you can use it in nursing your little one, we have a step-by-step guide you can follow. Check the instructions below.

  • Decide the Position

    There are different breastfeeding positions,. Some mothers prefer sitting when breastfeeding while others prefer lying on their side. So, the first thing you have to do is to select the position in which you want to nurse your baby.

  • Place Pillow in Your Lap

    Now, place the pillow on your lap. It should be on the side where you’ll breastfeed.

  • Position the Baby on the Pillow

    Gently adjust the baby on the pillow. Make sure that he’s safe and comfortable.

  • Place Your Hand Beneath Your Baby

    To support your baby, place your hands in the neck or back region of a baby in such a way that your baby’s face is towards you while his back is on the pillow.

  • Start Feeding

    As the baby gets adjusted on the pillow, slowly take him to your breast and start feeding. If you are bottle feeding your baby, then keep the baby bottle in an inclined position. This is to make sure that the milk is able to drain properly to your baby’s mouth.

  • Nursing While Laying On Your Side

    If you want to nurse while lying on your side, then place the pillow adjacent to your side. Adjust the baby on a pillow in a way that his face is towards you. To support the child, place one hand under his neck region and the other on his body. Then, start nursing the child.


A pregnancy pillow is a useful thing you can invest in whether you are pregnant or nursing your baby.

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