How to Use Pregnancy Pillow Correctly


Pregnancy is the happiest as well as the most difficult time of a female’s life. Happiest in a sense that going to be a mother is wonderful feeling which cannot be explained in words and difficult in a sense that she has to face a number of pains during her pregnancy. If we particularly talk about the pains and problems which female has to face during pregnancy then sciatica, back pain, morning sickness and stress are its few examples.

These problems gave pregnant females a real tough time. Females practice number of home remedies, as well as they, take medical assistance to overcome their pains or health problems but nothing permanently gives positive results. Apart from home remedies and medicines, there is another simple way to overcome these problems which is the use of pregnancy pillows.

Health Benefits of Using Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are the pillows which are specially designed for pregnant females fine example of which are Back sleepers, Side sleepers, Stomach sleepers etc. These pillows are quite different form traditional body pillows. Use of pregnancy pillows has number of health benefits that is why I personally recommend buying of pregnancy pillow to every female who is expecting a new member in the family. Some of the important health benefits of using pregnancy pillows are as follows:

  • Use of pregnancy pillow relief pregnant female from sciatica and back pain
  • It improves the sleeping quality of pregnant females
  • It improves their blood circulation
  • It supports belly and the abdominal region.
  • Provides cushioning to back and hip region
  • Relax the abdominal muscles.

Thus, every pregnant female should buy a pregnancy pillow as it is worth buying a product which offers numerous health benefits.

Types of Pregnancy Pillow

How to use pregnancy pillow? It is the most common question asked by females. Using a pregnancy pillow is slightly different from using a traditional pillow.

There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while using pregnancy pillow. Before moving towards the use of pregnancy pillow females should know the basic types of pregnancy pillows. Once they know the types of pregnancy pillow it becomes easier for them to select the right type of pillow for themselves. Following are the two major types of pregnancy pillows:

  • Wedge Like

    These are small triangular shaped pillows which are used against any specific body part such as Pillows for Back Pain.

  • C, J or U Shaped Pillow

    These pillows are shaped in C, J or U pattern and provide full body support like Double Sided Pregnancy Pillow.?It’s up to you which type of pregnancy pillow you want. If you want to firm and small pregnancy pillow which is also cost effective then go with wedge type pillow. In case you want full body support then C or U shaped pillows are the best options for you.

How to Use Pregnancy Pillow Correctly

Now let’s move towards the use of pregnancy pillow. As I told earlier, use of pregnancy pillow is quite different from the use of the traditional pillow. In case of pregnancy pillow, you have to use it in a different manner. Here, I am going to mention the basic steps to use pregnancy pillow correctly.

  • Select the Pillow

    The first step is selecting the pillow according to your body need. You can go for either wedge pillow or full body pillow. No matter what type of pregnancy pillow you select it should be soft, comfortable and of high quality.

  • Support Your Neck

    The first thing you have to do is to support your neck. Usually during pregnancy side sleeping is most recommended for pregnant females. For side sleeping, place your head and neck region on pillow in a way that your spine remains straight.

  • Place Pillow between Legs

    Now you are in a laid position on either of your side, place the pillow between your legs or between your knees and ankles. It will help you to overcome leg restlessness and swelling problem.

  • Support Your Back

    When you are adjusted on your either side make sure your back is well supported by the pillow.
    Except for wedge pillows, all other pregnancy pillows offer you full back support.

  • Wedge Pillow

    If you have wedge pillow then prior to its use select the area against which you are using it, either it is back or belly. To use wedge pillow lie on your side and gently lift your belly.

    Now slide the portion of pillow underneath the belly in a way that your belly is supported by the pillow. This will evenly distribute your belly weight around your abdominal region and held the belly in its proper place.

  • Change Your Position Gently

    Sometimes sleeping on one side for prolong time also leads to belly pain. The main cause behind this is low quality pillow. Low quality pillows are generally hard and uncomfortable and cause pain if used prolong. Improper sleeping pattern or back sleeping can also lead to pain.

    Therefore, while using pregnancy pillow if you feel pain in your belly then gently change your position. Moreover, while buying pregnancy pillow do not compromise on quality, buy the best possible product.


This was all about using pregnancy pillow correctly. If you have still any ambiguity regarding the use of pregnancy pillow you can consult the product manual for further guideline or seek help from someone who has personally used the pregnancy pillow.

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