Can You Use A Rice Cooker As A Pressure Cooker


Kitchen appliances aren’t cheap and that’s probably why you’re looking for other ways to use the existing ones you have at home. With that, can you use a rice cooker as a pressure cooker?

They look similar but they aren’t the same

At first glance, these two appliances look similar which is why people get confused about them. However, their appearance is the only thing that’s the same about them.

A rice cooker relies on an external heating source to heat the water you put with the rice. Because of the heat, the liquid evaporates and turns into steam. In the process, rice absorbs the liquid, making it soft and ready for consumption.

A pressure cooker, on the other hand, prevents steam from escaping the cooker. Because it is sealed, it’s able to maintain the pressure level inside the pot. The process tenderizes large portions of ingredients that a rice cooker would find hard to do.


So, can you use a rice cooker as a pressure cooker?

The honest answer is no. Those two appliances have different methods of cooking the ingredients placed inside them. With that, you can’t use one as a replacement for the other. You’ll have to invest in a pressure cooker if you have plans of cooking large portions of meat.