Can You Use Soldering Iron for Wood Burning


Woodburning or pyrography is a really interesting hobby. It’s the art of burning a design on a wood with a heated tool. With that, you’re probably wondering about one thing: Can you use soldering iron for wood burning?

Soldering Iron for Wood Burning

A soldering iron isn’t technically designed for pyrography but you can definitely use it for your hobby. However, since it’s really not made for that, using a soldering iron to create designs on wood won’t be as easy as using the right pyrography pen.

Soldering irons have set temperatures which can make it hard for you to get a range of effects. They are also hard to use on intricate and detailed projects. This is because soldering irons tend to have copper or iron tips and they aren’t pointed. With that, these tools are only great in creating bold and really long lines.

To give you an idea on how to actually use a soldering iron for wood burning, you can check out the video below:

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