VARIDESK Pro Plus Review



Doctor highly advises to stand up and start walking every now and then. Staying on your feet as well for long isn’t a healthy option and hence you should keep on switching between your positions and postures in order to relieve any muscular tension buildup. It is hence where the standing desks in the market become popular.

Varidesk has had been producing state of the art standing desk that are not only resilient but also large enough to hold your entire working station and hardware on it easily. Varidesk pro plus is a step ahead from the previous edition of varidesk pro and hence has become the market’s best seller today.

Features and Specifications

We as human beings love to sit around. Get an opportunity to sit anywhere and we will take it with both hands but not anymore as it is not good for your health. Following are some of the distinguishing features of this standing desk.

  • Health Benefits

    Sitting, for prolonged hours produces serious delirious effects on our bodily mechanisms. It first and foremost make us susceptible to keep on sitting and move around less hence causing us all to gain weight as we become less and less mobile.

    Apart from that it also causes us to develop long term systemic side effects like hypertension hyperglycemia etc. Varidesk Pro offer health benefits. It is good for our back and it allows us to change body posture time to time as it has height adjustment option.

  • Size

    The size of the this standing desk is huge. It measures 36 inches in length and 23 inches in width. The large size of the standing desk allows it to have enough space to have as many as two monitors on it along with other hardware’s like scanner fax machine printers etc. this means that you don’t have to worry about your tools being here and there they will all be assembled in one place easy for you to find.

    This feature might not work well for those who have an already limited or small working capacity and hence getting a 3 feet wide standing desk on their allied space might take more space than they have had asked for.

  • Height Adjustable

    The standing desk by Varidesk easily adjusts to your height. Only if you are 6 feet or above that may find this piece as being low or you will require bending downwards to work on it but apart from that everything works greatly. The screws quickly fix it to whichever height you want it to be elevated. It takes less than 3 seconds for it to modify its shape according to your position.

    Whether you are sitting or standing it makes the transition fluid. It is able to go to a height of as high as 15.5 inches which is normally suitable for many individuals out there.

  • Resilient and Strong

    The skeleton of this desk is made up of steel that is coated in black paint and this makes it looks polished and easily amalgamates itself to the furniture of your home or office. The standing desk can take up to 35 pounds of weight with ease.

    This means that you can easily keep your hardware on it without the fear of it tumbling down and costing you instead. Even when on an elevated mode the desk does not stumbles and allows you to easily work provided that you do not lean on to it.

  • Packaging

    The desk weights 52.5 pounds on shipping. It is covered with a hard cardboard box that ensures no damage is done to the material. Upon opening the box the product is present in one piece. This means that you do not have to fix it up yourself. Just pop it over your desk and start working on it and join the standing desk revolution in seconds. Ready to use and looks good.

  • Keyboard Desk

    Another great feature of this standing desk is the elevated keyboard and mouse desk. Now in the Varidesk pro, the keyboard and mouse desk was not elevated and hence had to be taken out to the top monitor desk if working in standing position.

    That idea met with criticism and hence the Varidesk pro plus has improved on it and has designed a separate keyboard desk that is elevated making typing easier for you when you are standing.


  • Ready to use
  • Elevated keyboard desk
  • Large area
  • Strong
  • Good reviews
  • Recommended
  • Looks good
  • Elevates within seconds


  • Relatively expensive
  • Heavy

Who Should Buy

For those of you who are in search of a good standing desk that offers to house most of their hardware and told while working, looks good, promises to be strong and transforms easily from sitting to standing then this Varidesk pro plus is a perfect buy. It has been awarded with 4.7 stars out of 5 by online customers and is highly recommended by professionals out there.


Strong, good looking, large, ready to use, efficient, time saving this new edition of Varidesk pro plus has proved to be one of the best standing desks in the market today.