VARIDESK Single Plus Review



Over the past decade many researchers and scientists have proved that sitting a lot will make you susceptible to a lot of diseases like muscular pains, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, colon cancer etc. many people consider standing after sitting a lot as an added activity and they avoid it sometimes out of laziness and sometimes out of work load. Putting that idea in mind, many companies have come up with new and innovative designs of standing desks that allow you to work while standing or sitting anyhow you like.

If you have been advised by your doctor to stand as often as you can or if you suffer from herniated intervertebral disk or any other spinal disease and sitting for long hours can be painful for you then you can buy yourself a standing desk that will modify for you in which ever position you like. So whether you want to sit and work or stand up and continue working this standing desk by Varidesk allows you to enjoy both the options according to your will and comfort.

Features and Specifications

The dimensions of the standing desk are 30 inches in length to 26.8 inches in breadth and 4.2 inches in thickness. This large area allows you to work appropriately on your desk with all of your hardware and belongings in one place. You can keep your monitor, speakers, files, scanner, and printer anything on the top due to its large 30 inch size. There is a separate lower desk that is large enough for you to easily place your keyboard and mouse.

However if you stand up then you will have to move your keyboard and mouse to the top level desk so as to ensure work efficiency. This will not be a welcoming feature for keyboards and mouse that are connected to the computer by wires.

The large size also comes with a price. If you have a large desk in your office then this standing desk can fit in easily without causing you much problem. But if you work in a cubicle with limited desk space available to you then this standing desk can cause congestion on your desk leaving you less space on it.

  • Adaptability of the Desk

    The desk can be put on your desk in its original form and will look as stylish as it will look if it were to be used as a standing desk. With few manipulations you can increase its height and elevate it to work on a comfortable distance while standing. Due to this now you will not have to place everything on a separate desk while standing or sitting thus killing the purpose.

    The idea was to produce a standing desk that is adaptable as well and meets all your needs keeps everything safe in place and this aim has been achieved through this product. This allows you a fluid transition and helps you to enjoy the experience. The desk comes in one piece in its packaged so you don’t have to go through assembling all the parts and understanding the manual. Just open the box and you are good to go.

  • Resilience

    The product has a total weight of 43 pounds. This is a heavy weight product and you cannot take it anywhere easily with you. But this also means that it is a sturdy product and it can easily take the weight of two 20 inch monitors on it. So you can place your hardware on it without worrying about it collapsing down.

  • Cost of the Product

    The cost of the product is very high and one of the most expensive products today in the market. It is also one of the most popular products of its range and has been whelmed not just by customers out there but also by ergonomic experts who tout it to be one of the best and most accurately designed standing desks out there.

    However its price might hamper some of you to buy this product.


  • Resilient
  • Good looking
  • Fluid transition between sitting and standing
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Popular among the masses and professionals
  • Recommended by ergonomic experts
  • Large size
  • Packaged as one piece


  • Very expensive
  • Cannot use wired keyboard and mouse
  • Cannot be carried around
  • Requires a lot of space

Who Should Buy

If you have the money and you wish to invest on a long term and resilient standing desk that works well enough while sitting or standing, then ties desk is good for you. It is made in steel design and coated with black paint so in the end you have got a standing desk that is best for you whether you are sitting or standing and holds all of your important stuff in its place.


Standing desks today have been becoming a mainstay in today’s working world. This one is slowly making its way to the top. With few drawbacks here and there that can be improved, this standing desk proves to be one of the most recommended product out there by both customers and experts.