Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender Review



Designed with the quality and precision of a commercial blender, the Vitamix Professional 750 offers you full control over the consistency and quality of your blended food and drinks. Suitable for cafes and restaurants, you can create a wide variety of smoothies, shakes, dips, dressings, even hot soups. This blender is along the lines of the more expensive models. If you’re looking for a high quality blender to invest in whether for your home or business, and you’re wondering if this is worth the price, this review will give you a much better view of the product before you decide to purchase.

Important Features and Specs

This model is also very good for home use, especially for those who like green smoothies. And those who like preparing gourmet food for dinner. It features 2.2 – peak-horsepower motor and wide blade radius that effortlessly cuts and pulverize fruits, green vegetables, even nuts.

It comes in high quality stainless steel housing. The container is made of PVC plastic but is BPA free. The blender measures 9.4 x 8.5 x 17.4 inches, Width, Depth, and Height with the carafe or pitcher, and weighs 19.2 pounds. It comes with a secure rubber lid with a removable plug so you can add ingredients while the blender is running.

This is a very versatile powerful blender. Aside from the basic blending functions which it does quite efficiently, it can chop, cream, blend, heat, grind, churn, and more. When tested for a green smoothie, the blender was able to pulverize the green leafy veggies, along with the other fruits, nuts, and ice cubes. The result was really a fine, smooth texture. It also stops by itself when set on the smoothie mode so you don’t over process your smoothie. This will be perfect for coming up with a consistent taste if used for cafes or small restaurants.

It features five pre-programmed settings to make everything easier, faster and more convenient. Set it on smoothie, frozen dessert, hot soup, puree, or cleaning. And using the frozen setting is really effective. The blender can tackle even whole frozen fruits. It includes a tamper – great for green smoothies, also for mixing nuts and making butter nut. Use the tamper to push down ingredients while the blender is running to achieve your desired texture and fineness. The machine can make a rich hazelnut spread in just seconds.

If you want more control on the speed, you can always use the manual settings. It also has a pulse option. For the hot soup, the blender cuts and blends your ingredients, and then heats it up – no need to transfer the mixture to a pan. You can have hot soup right from the blender. Cleaning is very easy. When using the self-cleaning setting, you just add water and soap and switch to clean setting.

The set includes a very useful cookbook that has exquisite recipes from gourmet chefs and a tutorial DVD hosted by Chef Michael Voltaggio. A taller pitcher is available, sold separately.


  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to setup
  • Pre-programmed settings
  • Manual speed control
  • Tamper
  • Can blend frozen fruits
  • Can heat while blending
  • Can make it green smoothies
  • Includes recipe
  • 7 year warranty


  • Some users notice a black particle or sort of grease coming out from the blades after some time of use; this could be due to wear on the bearing. This is not true for all units but in case you experience problems, there is a 7 year warranty on the product by the manufacturer.
  • Far more expensive than your regular countertop blenders, even when compared to models categorized as professional

Who Should Buy

If you have the budget and you want a good blender that would last for your home, the Vitamix Professional 750 is a very good investment. It is designed for long term use. It has versatile features that you can use for your everyday healthy drinks as well as for entertaining guests. With its pre-programmed settings and manual controls, this will be a very good tool for commercial kitchens and cafes. It has a quiet operation so you don’t have to worry about disturbing people in your home.


The Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender is a powerful versatile blender designed for professional and home use. This is great for those who are fond of cooking different types of cuisines and gourmet food. It is quite pricey so if you only need a blender for the basic functions, it will be more advisable for you to get a standard countertop blender. For the quality of the machine and variety of features, the price is not outrageous. If you can maximize all the features, this is also very good model.