Waffle Maker vs Belgian Waffle Maker


Thinking about buying your own waffle maker?

We hate to break it to you, but you still have a choice to make.

Choosing the regular kind is totally okay. However, you might miss out on the special quality of Belgian waffles.

To help you make a decision, we’re ready to compare the waffle maker vs Belgian waffle maker.

Ordinary waffle makers are smaller yet faster

Just because the original waffle maker is smaller doesn’t mean that it can’t surpass the level of the Belgian version. In fact, this type of waffle maker is more efficient, according to Chowhound. It cooks the mixture faster since heat is more concentrated.

However, if you’re really hungry, you might have to use the device multiple times. Let’s face it – a small, thin waffle isn’t enough sometimes.

Belgian waffle makers are bigger and more satisfying

Since Belgian waffles are delightfully fluffier and thicker, they need a device that can support those qualities. That’s why Belgian waffle makers are larger and have deeper pockets.

Regarding the downside, it’s pretty obvious already. Since Belgian waffle makers need more time to cook the batter, you shouldn’t use one when you’re already hungry.

The wait will be worth it, though. Because of the heavy structure of Belgian waffles, they can make you full in just a snap.

In Conclusion

We hope that our comparison of the waffle maker vs Belgian waffle maker will help you as a buyer. It all comes down to your appetite.

If you have a sandwich maker, you can actually use that to make waffles. There’s a condition, though. Find out what it is!