Can You Make Waffles in a Sandwich Maker


You’re craving for waffles right now, but you only have a sandwich maker at home. Waffle makers and sandwich makers look so much alike, so maybe there’s a chance. Can you make waffles in a sandwich maker?

Good news – you certainly can!

When you compare the system of sandwich makers and waffle makers, they’re basically the same thing. They both have two cooking plates to heat the sandwich or waffle on both sides. You just have to close the lid.

You may also adjust the heat according to your preferences. More importantly, the cooking process will only take a few minutes. It only goes to show that sandwich makers and waffle makers are made to instantly satisfy your snack cravings.

However, you should use waffle plates

Here’s the problem – waffle mixture is too smooth. Without the right cooking plates, the mixture will surely overflow from the sandwich maker. The result is one big mess with the possibility of destroying your appliance.

What’s with waffle plates anyway? This type of cooking plate is specifically designed to evenly spread the batter. The one meant for sandwiches is too small and it won’t even give you that irresistible waffle texture.

In Conclusion

Can you make waffles in a sandwich maker?

Yes, but you have to make sure that your sandwich maker comes with waffle plates. If you couldn’t find the right plates for your sandwich maker, then you have no choice but to get your own waffle maker. We recommend the type designed for Belgian waffles if you prefer fluffy results.