Wahl 79300-1001 Color Pro Hair Clipper Kit-26 Piece Kit Review



The Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper kit comes with nearly everything that is required for perfect grooming of your hair and is ideal for everyday use and it makes grooming your hair very easy with so many accessories included in the package. It also comes with a lot of unique features that Wahl products offer and make them a worthwhile product ready to compete with its competitors.

Important Features and Specs

The package includes the pro clipper, blade guard, flat top comb, medium comb, scissors, hair clips, cleaning brush, blade oil, storage case, the instruction manual in 4 different languages and a lot of other different kinds of combs. The dimensions of the product are 2.8 x 8.1 x 8.1 inches and weighs 2.4 pounds.

The features offered by the Wahl Color Pro Hair clipper Kit are very different from other trimmers in the market. The trimmer is very light weight which makes it easy for the users to carry as it would not tire your hands after operating it for long and despite the fact that its light weight, it offers premium quality performance with a very powerful motor which provides a lot of power and makes cutting rough and long hair very easy.

Just like the previous Wahl hair clippers, the Color Pro hair clipper also comes equipped with the high quality carbon steel blades which are not only sharp and effective but also make the device very durable and tend to last a long time without getting rusty or losing their capability to cut smoothly.

The taper control feature in the Wahl Color pro Hair clipper helps you customize your cutting according to your need and helps achieving desired results as you can decide the length of your hair with this feature. It features a very soft and sturdy grip which also makes it very easy to use and helps the user in cutting hair at any angle.

The large amount of attachments mostly includes several different kinds of combs that make it easy to reach places that are inaccessible for an ordinary trimmer. With the help of these modern combs you can also trim your nose hair, eyebrows and even the hair inside your ears. This can be a very useful feature for people who tend to have a lot of hair in such areas which are not easily accessible.

The instruction manual included in the package comes in 4 different languages and explains everything perfectly so that the user could quickly learn how to operate the machine. The package also comes with a dual storage that makes it easy to carry around while travelling or moving around.


  •  It is very easy to operate
  •  It is light weight and sturdy and fits in the hand perfectly for  improved grip
  •  The quality of shaving from this device is very supreme and it makes  sure   no hair is left.
  •  It is very durable with carbon steel blades and tends to last much    longer and doesn’t lose it effectiveness with time.
  •  The price of the product is very affordable when we consider its amazing features.


  •  Shaving is not very comfortable and causes a lot of uncomforting and  pain.
  •  The colored attachments don’t really go with the look of the device.
  •  It is louder when compared to other trimmers and the noise can be  irritating at times.

Who Should Buy

The Wahl Color pro hair clipper kit comes with everything a normal person requires and some additional combs and accessories that make it suitable for anybody. It also comes with a dual storage which also makes it portable and you can carry it around while travelling.


Overall the Wahl Color Pro Hair clipper kit is one of those products that nearly suit everybody and deliver to what they promise. This device promises a very wide range of features and lives up to its expectations with its high quality.

Several customers who have used this product reviewed it on amazon and as we expected from Wahl, the color Pro hair clipper kit received an amazing rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars form 354 reviews which is pretty good for this type of a product.

Customers were extremely satisfied with the product and what it was capable of doing for such a small price. It not only offers quality but also promises to last a very long time and the accessories as well as the device itself are very durable.

There were very few complaints regarding this product and most of these complaints weren’t even technical and were mostly about the appearance of the kit about how the colored accessories didn’t match with the trimming device. It comes with a 5 year warranty and is now available on amazon.