Wahl 79524 Deluxe 24-Piece Hair Clipper Kit Review



Wahl 79524 Deluxe 24-Piece Hair Clipper Kit is the most promising product you can find in the market for hair cutting at home; with this at your home you don’t need any other product as it comes with ten adjustable guides.

Along with the clippers and guide combs, the kit has other accessories including a brush for cleaning, blade guard, neck duster, a cape, two clips for hair, barber scissors for stray hairs or trimming bangs, pocket comb, small flat top comb, a barber comb, and a case for storage. Additionally, an instructional DVD is provided that makes haircutting at home even more convenient for men.

Important Features and Specs

The Wahl 79524 has many special attributes in itself as it comes with a complete kit for people who want to do trimming at home.

  • Durable and Long Lasting

    At this price, you can’t find a more reliable clipper in the market. Seems unrealistic but to assure you with its durability there is a five year warranty. It should be dealt with concern as the clipper, if force through the hair too fast, can be pulled.

    The kit has more guide combs than one needs however if the need ever arise you will never regret for not having them so in any case it’s the best bet to make.

  • Construction

    The kit contains power clippers used for crew cuts and with the high speed Powerdrive motor you can get smoother cuts for thick hairs. Even with that high power efficiency the motor is quite lightweight and almost silent.

    It has intuitive grip that makes it easy to keep in hold for longer durations and an exceptional “Dura Chrome” finish, with the look of a retro type barber shop. The clippers are made with blades of steel and high carbon which are aligned permanently so that you can get rid of constant adjustments however they are detachable so you can clean them thoroughly.

    For adjusting to the proper heights the clipper comes with 10 guide combs and an operate-able switch by just your thumb making it more convenient for the use of whole family.

  • Operate Efficiently

    The clippers requires power source to work as it has Powerdrive electric motor built-in. You no longer have to worry about sharpening the blades because the blades in Wahl 79524 Clipper Kit are made of steel of high carbon and are self-sharpening. Through a mere switch which you can use with convenience with your thumb for the guide comb adjustment for different types of heights is not anymore a difficult task.

    The clippers are not only impressive but also have efficient cutting ability with quiet operation. To top it all, the clippers are not even near to expensive. If you have this hair cutting kit, you don’t need any other tool. You are good to go. It is high recommended for beginners who want to cut their hairs at home, it is safe and strong enough to get the job without any prior experience or professional help.

  • Ease of Use

    Less is more as the Chrome Pro comes with a set of nine adjustable guide combs. There are trimming guides for ears and eyebrows, styling combs, scissors, hair clips and a cape. The kit also has all the pre-requisite items you need like oil, grease, brush for maintenance and a storage box to have them all at one place.

    Even though the clippers are bulky no one can deny that Wahl’s clippers are unarguably the cheapest and the flimsiest clippers one can demand.


  • Cuts thick hair conveniently with Highs-peed Power drive
  • Accessories include a set of combs, scissors, clips and neck duster
  • 5 year warranty, instructional tutorials and storage box.


  • Little heavier than competitive products.
  • Gets hot if used for extended periods
  • Not ideal for barbers, only for the home usage.

Who Should Buy

If you are someone who needs a haircut at home and do not want to waste the precious in waiting for your turn at saloon then Wahl 79524 is for you. The powerful clipper makes it easy to cut the hairs. The tutorial provided in the DVD enhances the whole experience as it properly teaches how to cut the hairs even if you are a novice.

Most of the accessories are not used frequently as the one comb is enough for home use however all the tools are equally useful. There is a mirror and a plastic bag in the kit which is a huge help. Wahl is truly a brand that provides remarkable clippers to get started with haircutting at home If you want to try cutting hairs at home then this kit is a must have.


It has been reviewed as the most reliable and advance kit for those who wants to have a haircut at home. It clips pretty well however there are some durability issues raised by a few reviewers. The ChromePro kit is available in different sizes, with almost everything that is required for a smooth home cutting experience. Its clippers are by far the only accessory that makes it stand out from the other products in the market.