Wahl 9918-6171 Groomsman Beard and Mustache Trimmer Review



Wahl Clipper Corporation has been running since 1919 producing and manufacturing grooming products that have been loved and bought worldwide. Their products are not only easy to use but also great for money and provide excellent results.

They have been responsible for introducing many different grooming products in the market that have inspired other manufacturers worldwide. It was 1984 when Wahl introduced its first in the series of cordless trimmers, each one of them being an improved successor.

The Wahl 9918-6171 Trimmer is no exception to this rule. Having being equipped with sharp precision carbon blades than stainless steel blades like many other trimmers in the market, a travel friendly pouch, a 24 hour live helpful customer care system, and affordable price makes this product one of the best products in the market today.

Features and Specifications

What makes the Groomsman beard and mustache trimmer by Wahl is not just its design and look but also its blades. When most of the cordless trimmers in the market today advertise their product to be made with the best stainless steel that prevents rusting and ensures a proper shape, the manufacturer’s at Wahl know that it is the sharp precision carbon blades that actually make the shaving experience really different.

To ensure that each and every blade meets the high quality standards each tooth has been grounded individually.This measure also increases the overall life of the blades so they stay as sharp even after a few months or years as they were at the time you first used them.

The blades are not placed wide apart from each other and this feature helps the beard trimmer to go along the contours of your face and trim each and every hear out as evenly as possible to give a salon finished look at home.

  • Beard Regulator

    The bread trimmer has six regulatory functions that give you the option to trim your beard as much as you want. The length ranges from 1/2” to 1/8”.This means that you can get the beard length of your choice and you have the chance to change your look every now and then.

    You can switch from a stubble look to a no shave since few days look in no time. Another great feature is there that it saves whatever settings you kept the last time you shaved.This way you don’t have to go through selecting your personal favorite as it will always be on the top of the list. Having said that you do have the option to choose and select something else from the 6 position beard guides.

    You also have 3 length guide combs, whose features have not been appreciated by many customers and hopefully the manufacturers will identify it and improve upon the next time.

  • Overall Design

    The beard trimmer has been made with keen understanding of what will be most comfortable for the users out there. It has a slick cover that gives it a great finish and a good look. It has firm gripping handles that give it the comfort as well as the firm grip it needs to keep it well placed in hand.

  • Battery Life

    The battery life of the beard trimmer is about 5 years. It can be used both while in charging mode or while in cordless mode. Any way it works. All you have to do is charge it before hand and then work your way according to your likeness. All in the all the product itself has a limited 3 year warranty and during that time if anything goes wrong or any damage happens then the company is ready to comply.

  • Travel Friend

    The product is packaged with many accessories and also a great all-purpose pouch. So, now you can carry this trimmer anywhere you want, whether you are going to a meeting or a hangout or out of town, this pouch fits everything in place and takes least amount of space possible.


  • Cheap
  • Sharp blades
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Travel friendly
  • Large battery life
  • Customized regulators
  • Memory
  • Cordless


  • Combs are of low quality

Who Should Buy

If you want to buy a beard trimmer that not only gives you salon like stubble look at your own home without spending much money then this product is your best bet. Its slick design, high resistant carbon steel blades, large battery life and 3 year warranty makes it one of the best products of its range in the market today.


If you are looking forwards to change the way your beard or mustache looks like then without having to go to a salon and get charged more than you can pay for then this product should become a staple in your washroom. With it you are not only ensured a good shave but also a product that meets its expectations and is long lasting.