How Do You Warm Up Breast Milk From the Refrigerator


After storing breast milk in the fridge, it is clearly necessary to warm it up before feeding it to your baby. But how do you warm up breast milk from the refrigerator?

You’re in for a treat because the whole thing’s very simple to understand and easy to do.

Based on the tips we’ve found from the federal government website of the Office on Women’s Health, you don’t need to use any appliance or device just to warm up cold breast milk. You just have to expose the baby bottle or storage bag to warm water.

One option is to adjust the hot water feature of your sink’s faucet (if any) to lukewarm. Turn on the faucet and hold your breast milk’s bag under warm running water.

Or you may use a bowl of warm water that’s big enough to accommodate the entire content of your breast milk storage bag. To make sure that the milk is perfectly warmed up, gently swirl the bag in the bowl. Don’t forget to drop some milk on your wrist to test if it’s warm enough for your baby.

We have more essential facts to guide you as you store more bags of breast milk. Here they are:

Never microwave breast milk.

Just by solely considering the safety issues of microwave heating, it already sounds harmful to any food or drink. It only goes to show that this appliance has a higher chance of deteriorating the quality of mother’s milk.

Not only that, hot spots may develop around the storage bag which might burn your baby’s tongue. You really can’t expect a microwave to distribute heat evenly.

Never return thawed breast milk into the freezer.

If you choose to freeze breast milk instead of just chilling it in the fridge, then you’d better give it to your baby within 24 hours as soon as it starts thawing. It is never a good idea to refreeze thawed milk.

Freezing and thawing breast milk too many times destroy its quality. Your baby might receive fewer nutrients because of this.

How do you warm up breast milk from the refrigerator?

There are two safe ways you can do that. You may choose to hold the breast milk storage bag under warm running water. On the other hand, gently swirling the bag in a bowl of warm water also works.