What Kind of Water for Baby Formula


As a first-time mom, you probably have a lot of concerns, particularly when it comes to your baby’s health and safety. That’s completely understandable as all parents want the best for their little ones. And when it comes to feeding, the right type of water to use for your baby’s milk matters. So, what kind of water for baby formula?

There are three main types of water sources that might work well for your baby’s milk formula.

The first one is tap water. In most areas, it’s completely safe to consume even for babies. However, you should be careful as tap water’s safety depends on the area you live in. There are places where water supplies contain high amounts of chemicals and additives.

The next type is bottled water. Spring bottled water works best for babies as it contains no additives. However, since it’s not sterile, you’ll need to boil it.

There are companies that produce water that’s specifically made for baby formula use. This type of water follows really strict guidelines to ensure babies’ safety.

Types of Water to Avoid

Well, water is one type of water you shouldn’t readily give your baby. You should get it tested first before you can allow anyone in the family to drink it.

Additionally, avoid water that contains too much fluoride. It’s just not that safe for babies.

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