How Much Water Do You Put In A Rice Cooker


While having a rice cooker at home can make cooking rice easier, it doesn’t mean that you’ll get the perfect rice each time. To achieve that, you have to know exactly how to prepare it. So, how much water do you put in a rice cooker?

It depends on a variety of factors.┬áThe exact amount of water you need to add to your rice will depend on the brand or rice cooker you are using, the type of rice you’ll be cooking, and your elevation. Those things can sound overwhelming but with a little bit of practice with your cooker, you’ll comfortable soon enough.

The Rule of Thumb

For every cup of rice, you’ll need a cup of water. So, if you are cooking 3 cups of rice, you’ll need the same amount of water for it.

Your Finger

If measuring while cooking sounds inconvenient for you, your next option is to use the tip of your index finger. Touch the surface of the rice with that finger and add water until it reaches the first knuckle.

When to Add Extra Water

If you’ll be cooking a dry variety of rice, you have to add more water to make sure that there’ll be enough moisture to soften the rice. Ideally, you should add 1/4 cup of extra water for such variety.

Also, remember to you the right cooker size. Get a small rice cooker if you’ll be preparing just a few cups for the family. If you’ll be cooking brown rice, there’s an appropriate rice cooker for that as well.