WaterChef U9000 Premium Under-Sink Water Filtration System Review



WaterChef U9000 is a premium under sink water filtration system that provides you with superior performance and taste. The system is engineered to use powerful big block TM filtration technology that removes contaminants from water, and improve the taste, odor, and color of your water.

The unit is equipped with a large rated capacity of a thousand gallon; hence, making it an ideal filtration system for most households. This is the kind of system that does not require cartridge replacement guesswork, since it is incorporated with intelligent monitor TM technology. This unit will provide you with a nice décor to your kitchen. Therefore, you do not need to lug bottles from the store anymore.

Important Features and Specs

This water filtration system provides you with a smarter mechanism of dealing with contaminants in water. It does so by helping you trap contaminants as well as kill any microorganisms; thus improving the general taste of your drinking and cooking water. The system is integrated with a great big block filtration.

This big block filtration technology minimizes a good number of tap water contaminants, including cysts, benzene, chlorine, lead, and chloramine. The unit is quite economical, given the fact that one cartridge will provide you with up to a thousand gallons of cleaner, great tasting, as well as healthier water for cooking and drinking.

This means that a single cartridge of a thousand gallons can sustain a family for a year without replacements. The system is installed with intelligent monitoring; therefore, there is no guesswork cartridge replacement.

With the intelligent monitor aspect in play, you do not have to dispose of a cartridge unnecessarily, or continue utilizing a cartridge that has surpassed its rated capacity. You can conveniently find the intelligent monitor LEDs on all designer faucets. The designer faucets are engineered in different premium finishes suiting your kitchen style appropriately.

Unlike most models of water filtration systems in the market; this particular model from WaterChef is tested and it is NSF International Compliant.

The system installation type is under-sink, and its intelligent monitor system is LEDs. It has a particle retention size of sub-micron. The unit’s rated capacity is 1,000 gallons, which is equivalent to 3,785 liters, and its rated service flow is 0.65gal/min @ 60 psi. The system’s maximum working pressure is 125psig and minimum working pressure is 30psig.

Its maximum operating temperature is 100°F/ 38°C and its minimum operating temperature is 34°F/ 1°C. The unit’s filter cartridge is UR90, which includes battery and shuttle; while its EPA establishment number is 63018-NV-001. The system weighs 9 pounds, and it measures 8.8 by 11.2 by 12 inches.


  • The unit provides you with great tasting water, since the unique design makes it possible for you to get rid of any water contaminants. The sleek design is ideal than having a filter attached to a faucet and sitting on your kitchen counter.
  • WaterChef U9000 eliminates the need for bottled water; therefore, you do not have to buy bottled water every week. Apart from you cutting down your expenditure, you will be eliminating the risk of drinking from plastic every now and then.
  • The system is highly user-friendly-it only requires you to follow a few steps to get it installed. In addition, it is installed with the most convenient rated capacity of 1,000 gallons and a rated service flow of 0.65gal/min @ 60psi.
  • The system presents you with superior performance and great taste, since it provides unsurpassed contaminant reduction for a great number of common tap water contaminants, and the intelligent monitor technology eliminates guesswork cartridge replacement.


  • If you are not careful enough with the wire from the intelligent monitor LED, you might end up damaging it; thus you will need a replacement, which may take you up to three days to secure.

Who Should Buy

You should buy WaterChef U9000 if you are tired of water leaks in your house that have the tendency of causing damage to the ceilings of rooms and carpets located beneath your kitchen. Unlike the usual water filtration systems, which are made of cheap plastic parts and poor designs; U9000 from WaterChef is made of high quality material and a sleek design that delivers as expected.

The system design is highly user-friendly and it only consumes a small space under-sink. This system will not only provide you with great tasting water, but an additional décor in your kitchen.


If you have been researching endlessly for the most convenient water filter system; then WaterChef U9000 is what you need. The system is engineered to meet all your water filtration expectations. The incorporated features are all tailored towards providing you with cleaner, great-tasting as well as healthier water.

The unit is highly economical, given the fact that you can survive with a cartridge of 1,000 gallons yearly for a single family. In addition, the system is made of high quality material, and it is NSF Compliant.